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Why Tampa is a Great Place to Live

tampa is a great place

Tampa, Florida is among the top ten cities where people are moving, as reported in a recent CNN Money article. Simply put, Tampa is a great place and has a lot going for it – median income in the area is about $57,000 and the median home price is just $129,000. The cost of living in Tampa is also very low, at just 91 percent of the national average. Not convinced yet? Here are more reasons why Tampa is a great place to live:


The weather in the Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater Metropolitan area has played a part in the large influx of new residents as well; 238 sunny days per year and January lows that rarely dip below 50 are inviting too many. Since 2000, the population of the area has swelled by 18 percent, with many new residents escaping the brutal cold and snow in northern areas.


Along with the mild climate, the Tampa area has drawn the attention of Major League Baseball, with a number of teams calling the area home for spring training season. Certainly, the beautiful coastal beaches, fishing and boating opportunities in the area boost tourism activities and encourage people to visit and to make Tampa their home as well. With a large military presence in the area due to MacDill Air Force Base, an important air command center, more people are introduced to the area annually.

The Tampa area is known as a low-cost large market for businesses which has encouraged many companies to start-up or relocate to the area. In fact, the area has several innovative start-up programs; the First Wave program encourages working and collaboration in a unique environment and the Tampa Bay 6/20 Plan is a thriving entrepreneurial group designed to help small businesses prosper.


Education in Florida is a bright spot, with the highest number of high school seniors in the nation taking Advanced Placement tests; nearly 50 percent opt for the exams. Additionally, the state boasts a high rate of students that score above 3 on the AP exam, at 23.9 percent. This compares to just 18 percent for the nation overall. Clearly, Florida has made education a high priority. Tampa also ranks in the top 10 for young, college-educated people, which is a clear boost to the city and the economy.


On top of everything else the area has going for it, recreational activities abound year-round. With its diverse residents, the Tampa area boasts lots of culture, great food, and great music. Other cities have summer festival seasons; in the Tampa area, you will find something to do every weekend, from the Gasparilla Pirate Fest to Sunset Music Festival and Tampa Bay Margarita Festival. You might opt for the party atmosphere of Ybor City one night and enjoy a quiet sunset at one of the area’s amazing beaches the next. The choice is yours- a lot of movers service the area, so relocating any time of year is easy, and you will always find some fun things to do when you arrive!

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