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For Moving Vendors: Benefits of a Confirmation Call

Confirmation Call

Once customers book a move with a professional moving company, there’s nothing they need to do but wait for the move date, right? Most people would be surprised to learn that’s not accurate. Movers should give a confirmation call two or three days before the move date to go over all of the details. This way, everyone is prepared for a seamless move.

The Importance of a Confirmation Call

Confirmation calls are easy to make, but going over all of the details with the customer just before their pick-up date is a critical step. So what questions need to be asked during a confirmation call?

You’ll want to confirm the customer’s addresses and contact information, go over their inventory to make sure the truck and crew size is right for the job, and even upsell services like professional packing, disposal, and full value protection.

Perhaps most importantly, confirmation calls will ease any stress a customer might have. Most people move only once every few years, so they’re relying on you — the professional — to put their minds at ease and get the job done.

The Confirmation Checklist

There are certain things that should absolutely be covered during every confirmation call. When confirming addresses, be sure to ask about house or apartment numbers, cross streets, whether there are any elevators or stairs, where to park, and whether a Certificate of Insurance will be required.

During the call, you can also make sure the customer who booked the job will be the main contact on the day of the move. Otherwise, you can use the call as a chance to get the contact information of the person who will actually be overseeing the move. They may need to sign waivers of liability and/or credit card authorization forms before the move begins.

Talking about the customer’s inventory is an important step, too. It’s a good idea to mention commonly forgotten items like rugs, lamps, garbage cans, and cleaning supplies.

Some customers may expect services like packing and disposal to be included, so use the confirmation call as an opportunity to figure out whether they’ll need help with things like packing, furniture disassembly, etc.
To make sure the move goes as smoothly as possible, you can remind customers that dresser drawers should be empty, and make sure customers are prepared to move their household pets should they have any.

Finishing the Call

When you’re wrapping up the call, you can manage customer’s expectations by simply answer any remaining questions the customer might have before their move date.

Now that you’ve covered all of the bases before the move date, both your crew and the customer will be informed and prepared for the best possible move, all thanks to a brief confirmation call.

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