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Moving with Kids – Piece of Cake or Nightmare?

Moving with Kids

Moving with kids can be difficult and bothersome. You have to find a place to live, a new job, a moving company, do the usual chores, pack all of your items, and at the same time take care of your children. The whole moving process can be exhausting for you, but it can be even more unpleasant endeavor for your kids.

Kids will have a lot of questions and may have a lot more doubts. The news of moving can make kids feel frustrated, so they will need you to support them and answer all of their concerns. Here are a few useful tips you can have in mind if you are trying to make the upcoming relocation stress free for your family.

Just be straight, no bribes please!

Many parents try to color the news for the upcoming move. They organize a party to break the news and make loads of promises about how wonderful things are going to be without even being sure they’ll keep up those promises. There is no right time, nor easy ways to tell kids that it’s time to move. Kids (at least most of them) love security. It makes them feel confident and moving always involves a bit of an uncertainty. So, tell your pals about the move the moment it’s official. Be honest with your kids and don’t make promises you can’t keep up.

Keep communication open

After breaking the news about the relocation, discuss with your kids the details about the move. Involve them in the moving process, ask for an opinion. Your kids may feel frustrated as they do not want to move, but have to. Engaging them in the process will make them feel more confident about the future and even enthusiastic about the move.

Think two steps ahead

Look for new opportunities for kids at the new location. You know what your kids are keen on. Find the hot spots for them. Providing your children the opportunity to continue to practice their hobbies will help them adjust faster and easier.

Why not learn a lesson?

Moving is the perfect time to learn a new skill. Let kids take care of their own belongings. Packing is all about organization and discipline. Teens can do the job on their own, younger ones will need your help. You should supervise the process. Kids can give a hand with the legwork involved in the moving process, take responsibility for their own stuff.

Sitter, friends, or relatives are a must on moving day

If you have friends or relatives who can keep an eye on youngsters during the hustle and bustle of moving day, call them and ask for their help. You need to be present and ready to assist movers. Movers may have questions, you’ll have to deal with the paperwork. Kids may make it difficult for movers to navigate easily with the boxes and the furniture as they like to hop, run, and have fun all the time. Even if you have to pay a sitter to take care of kids on the move day, hire one. Your kids’ safety is a top priority 24/7.

Adjustment takes time

Once you arrive at the new location, start unpacking kids’ stuff. Let them arrange and organize their new room. Be very attentive, pay attention to kids’ wishes and needs, and support them through the first couple of weeks. Moving to a new neighborhood, there will be a lot of opportunities to explore together. Encourage kids to make new friends and practice hobbies.

Entertaining and making kids happy during a move can be hard. If you have just moved and have some useful advice to share, do so!

This article was contributed by Manuella Irwin is a relocation expert at She provides news from the moving industry and in-depth advice on moving related issues.


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