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Hot Tub Maintenance – Costs and Considerations

Hot tub maintenance

The idea of having a hot tub at home sounds pretty posh, right? Have a relaxing moment to yourself after a big day, host a few friends for an evening of hanging out in the bubbles, or impress your date with a wintery soak under the stars. But what do you need to consider before taking the plunge? There’s a lot that goes into maintaining a hot tub, so in order to ensure you’re ready to commit we’ve listed out the big ones — both practical and financial. Take a look.

The electric bill

Whether your hot tub is indoors or outside, you’ll need to pay to run the filters and keep the water hot. An indoor hot tub will likely stay a consistent temperature a little more easily; however, you’re likely to see an increase in your electric bill between $20-$50 per month. But when everything is running well, the bulk of your hot tub maintenance costs should not be the electricity.

Water maintenance

At some point, you’ll need to drain and refill your hot tub. The size of your tub will dictate how much water this requires, but looking at your water utility rates can help you determine the anticipated cost per gallon. Consider that you’ll probably need to completely drain and refill your hot tub 3 to 4 times per year and you can estimate the total costs. It likely won’t add more than a dollar to your monthly water bill.

The chemicals to keep your water clean will likely cost between $10-$20 per month. Again — the quantity of chemicals you need to use depends on how clean you keep the water in the first place. Showering off before you hop in can help keep your hot tub maintenance costs down.

Filters and other parts

You’ll need to replace filters, light bulbs, and other parts and pieces of your hot tub over time. The manual for your unit likely has hot tub maintenance instructions that explain how often each filter should be changed, what type of cleaners to use (and what to avoid), and how to perform basic fixes on your own. Filters can cost $20-$60 each and should be cleaned out each time you drain your hot tub to refill, replaced once a year (or more frequently if prescribed in your hot tub’s manual). 

Hot tub maintenance

Landscaping and infrastructure

Most hot tubs are outdoors, and setting them up requires some landscaping. You might decide to include your new hot tub as a part of your new DIY garden plan, or you may just need a cement pad to support thousands of pounds of infrastructure and water. Either way, you’ll need to make a few home renovations before you’re ready to install your new hot tub — and those cost money.

Home insurance 

This may not be something you’d consider when mapping out your hot tub maintenance checklist, but having one on your property will increase your homeowners’ insurance rates. Check with your insurance company to see what kind of increase you can expect to see in your premium; in most cases, it’s $20 or less.


A hot tub isn’t really something you drive to the store and buy, then throw in the back of your car to bring home. Moving a hot tub requires some know-how and, in many cases, hiring a team of movers to get it from point a to point b. Some vendors include the cost of installation in the price of the unit but some don’t. Be sure to factor that in.

All in all, how much does it cost to maintain a hot tub? Less than the cost to maintain a pool, but still between $500-$1000 annually. Not too shabby for all the relaxation you could have right in your own backyard

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