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How to Meet People When You Move

How to Meet People When You Move

Moving can be exciting and wonderful. New home and adventures ahead. So many places to explore and people to meet. Sounds exciting, right? It can certainly be so, as long as you know where to look.

Meet the neighbors

If you chose to share your home with roommates, that can be a great starting point to make friends. You will have lots of opportunities to interact with them at home and even meet their circle of friends. Alternatively, you can meet the people in your building. An easy way to do that is to host a house party or if you have a garden, plan a barbecue and invite everyone over. In any case, it’s always good to know who is living next to you in case you ever need help with something.

Chill with the coworkers

Once you move, you will find yourself in a new workplace. Spend some time getting to know your colleagues. Since you’ll be working together, it is important to have a good relationship with them and build trust; you may also get a friend or two in the process. Besides, they will be the best people to go for a few drinks after work with.

Join a class

It is very important to have some time for yourself to do the things you really love. Whether you’re into sports, dancing, art, baking, etc. joining a class will not only help you develop your skills but also allow you to meet people with the same interests. Having a passion for the same thing is a great starting point for a new friendship.

Talk to strangers

It’s time to forget your parents’ advice and start talking to people you don’t know. If you have to spend some time on the bus or want to enjoy a hot cup of coffee in your local café have a look around for other people sitting alone. Sit next to them and strike a conversation. Time will pass faster and you may end up making a friend in the end.

Join a social club

Have a look online for social clubs in your city. They can be based on an interest or a specific activity, or just be there for people to socialize and have fun when they feel like it. Meetup offers the opportunity to socialize with people from the same line of work and do some networking, while citysocializer is more about going for drinks, food and exploring the city with other people who want to make friends. Either way, you get to meet lots of new people and have a good time.

You see, there is no need to worry about making new friends. There will always be people around who will want to hang out with you and have fun. Just smile, say hi and introduce yourself. In a room full of strangers, you’re only with friends you haven’t met yet.

This article was contributed by citysocializer, the local, social life app to go out and have fun with new groups of people around you.

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