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5 Ways to Spice Up Your Rental Apartment

Rental Apartment

Basic rental apartments can seem bland or boring. Using the right décor can help to take yours to the next level! Add some flair to your home with our top 5 tips:

  1. Rugs

    A rug is an easy way to cover up scratches on the floor and add color to the room. It’s a simple decoration that can do wonders for a plain, boring room. It’s comforting and pulls the whole room together.

  1. Pictures

    Pictures make an apartment feel more like a home. It’s the easiest way to add decoration to rooms. People tend to hang things on the wall last after everything is unpacked and they’re all settled in. Try hanging your pictures up first to make yourself feel more at home.

  1. Avoid the “dorm room furniture”

    Just because you’re living in a small area, doesn’t mean it has to feel like your college dorm. Leave the pink bins for the college kids, and focus on the apartment furniture. Avoid the chance of your apartment looking like your former dorm room by neglecting the containers and bins. Focus your attention on the wooden baskets, as opposed to the clear containers to keep your stuff neat and organized.

  1. Add a fruit bowl to the kitchen table

    Not only is it healthy, but also it’s a fabulous decoration. The color of each fruit will brighten up the room tremendously. Put a couple of oranges, apples and bananas in a bowl and set it on the kitchen table. Now that’s a cheap decoration.  And chances are while the fruit is sitting there, you’re more likely to eat it.

  1. Add small green plants

    Plants make your apartment feel more alive and also add some color to the space. Some green plants with a colorful flower or two can really liven up the room. It also brings the feeling of peacefulness and relaxation that nature brings on.

This article was contributed by PaintZen, New York City’s go-to service for stress-free painting.


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