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DIY Garden Decor Ideas

DIY Garden Decor

As winter comes to a close, it’s time to get ready to spend more time in the sun. As the light and warmth gradually return, the dormant plants in your garden will soon be springing to life. To maximize your time outdoors this summer, do yourself a favor and make your lawn a pleasant place to hang out. Don’t worry though, this won’t be as hard as you think. With these simple DIY garden decor projects, your garden will soon be the talk of the town.

Simple Mosaic Stepping Stones

Do you have old, ceramic dishes laying around that you’re not too attached to? If so, you’re ready to start building some fabulous and free garden decor. To build mosaic stepping stones, safely break your ceramic dishes and set the pieces in concrete mix in a mould of your desired shape. When these are finished, walks through your garden will be a lot more colorful!

Enjoy Afternoon Naps on a Swing Bed

Ever dreamed lazily falling asleep on a beautiful afternoon as the fragrance of your blooming garden fills your nose? Fortunately, we’re here to tell you that your dream can be a reality if you make a simple bed from some old pallets, cushions, pillows. After assembling the bed just get some rope to hang it from either a tree or your roof and you’ll be ready for a summer of siestas.

Build a Small Pond

There’s a reason why waterfront property is among the most expensive in the world; there’s just something so soothing about bodies of water. Thankfully, small ponds aren’t that hard to construct. So, you can add value to both your property and your life with ease! With a quick trip to the home improvement store, you can purchase a pond liner and some decorative rocks or patio pavers. Throw in a little leg-work and you’ll be chilling by the water in no time.

Take your Garden to the Next Level with Vertical Landscaping

Hanging flower pots from either your roof or tree branches is a great way to add a new dimension to your garden. A simple DIY way to do this involves taking a basket or bucket, lining it with impermeable material, filling it with soil and plants, and hanging it by a hook. Planting vines is another great way to raise the level of your garden.

Let’s Make Things More Concrete

Although concrete doesn’t typically evoke thoughts of beauty and wonder, in fact, it can be used to create beautiful, weatherproof garden sculptures with ease. All you need is some concrete mix, some simple molds, and some paint if you’re feeling extra artistic. Once you’ve got your materials together, it’s as easy as pouring the concrete mixture and waiting. Some easy ideas include making prints with your hands, feet, or favorite leaves.

If you stick to simple ideas like these, making your garden a success this summer will be a breeze. Feel free to get creative and add your own personal touch to any of the ideas we’ve mentioned. If you do so, you’ll be ready to host garden parties for your friends that’ll certainly be the highlight of the summer.

Bonus: Building a greenhouse can make getting your garden ready for winter a breeze!

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