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The Best Moving Music For Every Mood

Best Moving Music

Even when you’re 100% sure that you want to move and you’ve hired the best moving service, moving can still come along with lots of different emotions. You may be excited to meet new people, but at the same time dread packing and feel anxious about starting over in a new place. Or you may keep procrastinating packing simply because it’s hard to do. Whatever you’re feeling, you can find the best moving music to suit your mood and give you the boost you need to face your emotions and come out positive and productive.

Feeling anxious or scared about moving?

Blues music may be just the thing you need; the rhythm of the music can slow your heart rate and calm you down, especially if you practice deep breathing while you’re listening.

Mainstream pop music is another good option; its steady tempo and predictable beat can help you keep your heart rate regular and your breathing consistent. Plus, if you know the words to the songs, singing along can be extremely calming and gratifying.

Feeling too lazy to get packing?

Rock and roll can certainly get your heart pumping and give you the adrenaline boost your body needs. When you put on some fast-paced rock music, it will be hard to remain sitting down.

Dance/techno music

This is another great option if you don’t like the heavy overtones of rock; dance and techno are specifically designed to get people on their feet and moving at high energy levels.

Feeling angry or upset about moving?

There’s nothing quite like classical music to soothe frayed nerves and uplift the spirit. Classical music has also been associated with increased productivity and better sleep, both of which are definitely assets when it comes to preparing for a move.

Feeling unmotivated about preparing for the move?

Broadway musical soundtracks are known to be great motivators; not only can you get swept up in the stories behind the music, but the music itself typically fosters inspiration and a sense of creativity. In other words, just the thing you need to inject some motivation into your otherwise blasé attitude.

Music for the Drive

If you’re moving long distance, you’re likely to feel a whole range of emotions during the long car ride to your new home. To keep your mood up and your fears at bay, it’s a good idea to prepare a playlist for a long distance drive. If you need some inspiration when it comes to the specific songs to choose, check out this moving playlist for ideas.

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