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We’ve Moved! How to let people know you’ve moved


Moving chaos is real! Read this article early, before the move day, so you can think of the best and most fun things to do to announce your move and get people involved, and maybe even ease your pain somewhat. You want to make sure that important people and companies know how to reach you, so letting them know about your move is important. Of course, some people should get personal phone calls, but no one has time to call everybody they know. Here are some easy and fun ways to announce your move:


Environmentally friendly digital announcements work and you can even make them fancy by putting together a creative one on a graphics program. A moving truck image and a cool font and you’re all set! If you want tons of inspiration, check out Pinterest.


Of course, snail mail is an option as well and might be necessary for those who are stuck in the ’60s. Simply print out the cool email design you created and send it away! You can also pick up some artsy postcards or personal notes to send.

Throw yourself a party

What’s more fun than saying goodbye with a party? Especially if you’re moving far away, you can select which family and friends you want to spend time with before you go. Better yet, organize a packing party where everyone grabs a box, a beer, and some pizza and helps you get ready to go before the moving company shows up. Send out invitations by email or snail mail, and include your new address so that people will be able to contact you after your move.

Party at the new place

A housewarming party at your new digs is a way to get connected with neighbors and other new friends, but consider inviting some of your closest friends as well. Take a photo of your new place to use on the invitations, which will help people find you easily. For old friends, a picture of your guest space, with text that says– “your room” will entice them to come visit. This party can be low key, like a wine and cheese tasting function, or a barbecue and picnic bash in the summertime.

Video announcements

Talk to your friends and family in front of the camera; show the stacks of boxes, the confused look on Fido’s face, video of the inside and outside of the new place. Don’t forget to give them the address of your new house at the end!

Moving is a big step, whether it is near or far. Having old friends, and new ones, along for the ride makes the whole process easier and a lot more fun, so get them involved and have a great time! Visit Unpakt to find the best moving companies to help make your move less stressful and don’t forget to check out our handy box guide and lots of tips on our blog to help make sure your move goes smoothly!


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