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Great Man Cave Ideas For Basement and Garage

man cave ideas

So, you’ve moved into your new house. The whole family has their own nooks and spaces around the house – from the kids’ playroom to a home office set up – and yet no one has claimed the basement (or garage, or even that oddly-shaped under-the-stairs nook) yet? Time to transform that extra space into a sleek man cave.

Whether you want a space for watching sports, shooting a bit of pool or devoting some quiet time to creating things or playing music, we have some ideas for your man cave that will be sure to get your imagination going!

Build your own furniture

If you’re on a limited budget, or just want to be able to customize your space to your own taste and needs, building your own furniture can be a great way to get started on your man cave.

Pallet furniture has been a big hit the past few years as people realize they can have free reign to create furniture for any space. From sofas to coffee tables, to entertainment centers and bars, pallets are so versatile and can fit any size and shape you need. They can even be used to cover walls and add a rustic feel.

For extra seating or small tables, why not put some car tires to use? By taking a tire, painting it, adding a padded (or not) cover for the hole, you have a moveable addition to your space and an awesome use for something you’re likely to be able to get free, or cheap. Cover it with rope, and you have a piece of furniture that would fit any room. You could also mount the tire on the wall, fix a piece of wood horizontally through the center, and boom! – you have a shelf for glasses.

If you’re a sports fan, why not take those old jerseys and make pillows out of them? Sew a line between the underarms, cut the top off, stuff it, and sew the bottom, and you have cushions for the sofa representing your favorite team!

Speaking of sports…

Get a sweet home entertainment setup

Whether it’s for sports or movies, a home entertainment setup is a must-have for any man cave. For spaces big or small, there are options to suit every space.

Limited on space, or want to maximize it for many uses? Why not try a projector and screen for the wall? A projector is a great way to keep wall space open for other needs. If you have a blank wall, you don’t even need a screen, though it can be nice to have one to pull down for an even and clean surface to get the best of the action when the game is on. This is a great man cave basement idea because space is inherently dark, but if you have windows, just make sure you invest in some heavy curtains to block the light.

For both a tv or a projector, it’s crucial to have a great sound to get the full experience of that action film when your buddies come over. For an immersive system, you’ll want a receiver, subwoofers, and strategically-placed speakers to reach a truly surround sound system. Feels a bit daunting? There are many companies out there who specialize in setting up the perfect system for you.

Check out our list of home theatre setups to get you really inspired.


So, you’ve built a great bar, the game is on, and your buddies are over… Now, what are you going to offer them? Running back and forth to the kitchen kills the vibe a bit, so make sure your man cave design includes a place for storing and serving refreshments.

If you’re a beer guy, a kegerator is a good place to start. They’ll keep your beer keg at the optimal temperature, ensuring you can offer your boys a cold one when they come to visit. A fridge is a must, of course, to keep other drinks and snacks handy. And if space allows, a fridge with a freezer means you can keep glasses chilled like a professional.

Of course, you probably won’t build a full kitchen into your cave, but why not get a toaster oven for those game-day wings and pizza rolls? Other appliances like blenders can ensure you can offer other sorts of beverages and dips to guests. And if you really feel like thinking out of the box for gadgets, here’s a list of quirky options.

And just to make sure the ladies don’t stay out, check out our She Shed Ideas blog post.

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