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DIY She Shed Roadmap & Decor Ideas

she shed ideas

Man caves have been popular in recent years, but why should men have all the fun of creating their own space? Hence the rise in popularity of She Sheds – sheds, garages, or basements done up for a woman to have her sanctuary in the family home.

Here are some she shed ideas for making an oasis all your own:

Find the perfect space

If you have a garage or basement, it’s an obvious choice to start transforming it into your She Shed. 

If you’re house hunting, start envisioning your She Shed in advance – a garden or yard is a great place to build a custom sanctuary for yourself, away from the bustle of home life. In most communities, she sheds are not subject to city ordinances because of their small size impact, but be sure to double-check on any restrictions for size and height just to be sure. Most cities require the spaces to be under 200sqft, which is plenty of space to build your own backyard retreat. Keep reading for some she shed design ideas to maximize this undertaking.

Plan for your purpose

Want to have a space for crafting? A tranquil hideaway for reading and music? A dedicated work or study space all your own? A place to entertain friends? Consider what you want to use the space for, and think of what you need to support the mood and practicalities in the best way.

For crafting and project, you’ll want good lighting, plenty of storage, and a nice table to spread projects out on. 

If you want to create a book nook, consider pillows and comfortable seating, soft lighting that creates a nice relaxed ambiance, and wall colors that support a tranquil vibe. 

For work and study, make sure you have a nice desk, a place to keep your things organized (an organized space makes for an organized mind, after all), and limit the distractions you keep in the room.

Of course, there is an opportunity to make a multi-purpose space, so don’t feel you need to limit yourself to just one of these! 

We’ve created a great guide for how your space affects your mood, so have a look when choosing colors and decor to ensure you’re creating the perfect place for you.

Get creative

Daydreaming is fun, especially when you can make those dreams come to life. This is your space after all, so indulge yourself in some creative freedom and make it a space you’re happy to sneak off to.

Consider a bit of DIY to really customize your room. Pallets can be used in myriad ways to create anything from seating, tables, desks and benches, even wall coverings. There are no shortage of information out there on building out of these (often free) building materials, so let your imagination take you. They can also be sanded and painted or stained, so you’re sure to always have furniture that matches the rest of your decor.

Have some height in your ceiling and want to divide the space? Consider building a loft for storage, or for a cozy lounge space (or even guest bed) above the main part of the room.

Try building a table that folds down from the wall to save a bit of space for a multipurpose area. Small stools and tables on casters mean you can roll them out of the way or rearrange the room with ease. Want to watch movies but don’t want to take up space with a television? Try a projector and a pull-down screen to turn your craft room into a cinema easily.

These are a few she shed decor ideas, but the possibilities are endless. The best advice is to just get started and see how the project takes shape as you go!

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