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Top Kitchen Design Trends 2019

Top Kitchen Design Trends 2019

You know the feeling: you walk into your kitchen and it just feels… blah. Same old, same old appliances, walls, cupboards, countertops. It feels worn out and boring, and you’re ready to spruce things up a bit. So where to begin?

The latest kitchen design trends for 2019 have a little bit of everything: the resurgence of stone surfaces, a little infusion of raw timber texture, statement appliances, and (gasp!) mixing metals. Have a look and see what inspires you to start this year’s renovations.

Switch up the light fixtures

With a little bit of DIY prowess, even the most hardware-challenged of us can replace a simple light fixture. 2019 is seeing the decline of the pendant light and the rise of linear lighting options like the one pictured above: sleek, but still funky and functional. The more adventurous can play around with asymmetry, while those who prefer to keep the vintage look can choose a simpler option that plays on a classic shape. Don’t forget that playing around with your choice in lightbulbs can make a big difference too. The ambiance is everything.

Dark cupboards make for great drama

Traditional wisdom says that lighter colors make a room feel bigger, but this year your cupboards are going to get the dark treatment and you’re going to love the statement it makes. Black, dark grey, and other moody colors are being paired with matte stone countertops and lighter wall colors for a truly show-stopping effect in this year’s modern kitchen design trends.

Statement appliances are in

While it is still trendy to go uber-minimalist with your kitchen and hide all of your appliances, the recent boom in statement appliances like this bright orange oven has created the demand for kitchen designs that show them off. Why make such an investment (and they certainly are an investment) if you’re just going to hide it? If you decide to go big, select just one or maybe two statement pieces to showcase in your kitchen and make them prominent features.

Mix your metals

The old practice of matching all of your metal appliances and fixtures is out. Though you don’t want to get too haphazard in your selection, get a little adventurous: a family of brushed nickel fixtures for the sink, brass knobs on the drawers, and stainless steel pulls for the refrigerator? Sounds like a tastefully unique kitchen design trend.

Leave it raw

Wood accents have long been a popular kitchen trend, but the kitchen design ideas of 2019 are seeing widespread use of this warm, cozy material in its raw form. This creates texture and pops of interest, as well as allowing for a more rustic-meets-modern feel. Other natural materials, like hand-wrapped ratan, raw stone, and jute also bring the natural world into your kitchen for an organic look.  

Patterned tile floor

If you’re in the mood for a major home renovation, consider installing patterned tile flooring in your kitchen. The all-white-everything trend is over and designers are embracing color again, both in the muted tones of blush pink and bright blue patterned tile. Decide how brave you’re willing to be, and then enjoy the way your new tile floor hides those crumbs that always find their way to the floor.
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