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The Benefits of Moving to an Expensive City

moving to an expensive city

When choosing your new hometown, the cost of living is probably something you’ve considered. What is rent like? How expensive is city transportation? Are restaurant prices on par with the national average? We know you’re all about getting the most bang for your buck, but have you considered that there could be an upside to moving to an expensive city?

We didn’t think so. We’ve put together a list of the common benefits of moving to an expensive city so you can weigh your pros and cons properly.

More professional opportunities

  • The high cost of living in a given city is also likely due to the average salaries being higher. This isn’t always the case so it is worth checking, but higher pay rates often mean higher home prices and rental costs.
  • Lots of networking opportunities and a solid job market are also usually part of the package deal. Living in an expensive city can offer you the chance to advance your career if you want to, or maybe even start a new business supported by the new connections that you make. Get out and get social, and you might land your perfect dream job in a fantastic location!

The social scene is strong

  • Generally, more expensive cities have high-quality shops, restaurants, clubs, movie theaters, and other entertainment to keep the residents culturally stimulated. Will they be more expensive? Of course. But will the experience be top-notch, with clean bathrooms to boot? You bet.
  • Expect well-known music acts, theater companies and other performers to come through town on a regular basis (and not on random Tuesdays). As a local? You have the inside scoop on who’s coming and – if you’re lucky – you make some new friends who can get VIP passes when your favorite musician comes to town.
  • If you’re a sports fan, you’ll probably get a thriving sports scene with your new city. Infrastructure like stadiums, hockey rinks, and professional basketball courts come at a cost, so they require a city with some cash flow.

You’re close to everything

  • Have you ever experienced the magic of not needing a car? Public transportation is often a benefit of city living, and though there are a few exceptions, choosing an expensive city will mean efficient and quality public transit. You’ll also probably be able to walk to many of your destinations depending on your city’s layout, which can be an incredible shift in lifestyle! (Tip: if you’re going from rural to city, choose one of the best apps for moving to help organize your belongings for your new, smaller space!)

Usually, it’s expensive for a good reason

  • Whether the city is known for amazing weather (Honolulu), incredible culture and good weather (Los Angeles), or a booming tech industry with job opportunities galore (San Francisco), it has some significant draw already that has made it desirable and, of course, expensive. Living there just means you get to benefit from those perks, too. (Make sure you create a solid moving checklist so you’re well prepared for your new city life!)

Whether you choose Honolulu or Manhattan, you must be excited about all your new city has to offer. Let Unpakt help you find reliable, professional moving services to make your relocation seamless!


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