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How to Choose the Best Moving Service

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When it comes to moving to a new place, you put a lot of trust in a moving company. Packing your life into boxes and then trusting others to handle them with care is no small thing. You want to be sure that the company you hire is professional, reliable, and can be counted on to get your things from here to there, safely.

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Follow our tips on how to choose the best moving service, and make sure you find the right mover for you.

Know what you want

There are a variety of moving companies available, with different services on offer. Before you embark on the journey of finding and hiring a mover, understand what it is that you are looking for.

There are movers available who will arrive at your home, load your fully packed boxes into the truck, and unload them on the other side. There are also full-service movers who will take care of all of the prep work for you. They’ll pack your boxes, disassemble your furniture, load everything in the truck, and handle the practicalities on the other side. These movers will bring all of the packing supplies when they arrive and will take them away after unpacking your boxes. They’ll put your furniture back together in your new home as well.

Before you begin your search, decide whether you’d like someone to safely shift your things from point a to point b, or if you’d also like some relief from the practicalities of packing and unpacking.

Get personal recommendations

The best place to start in finding a reliable moving service is by asking around. Word of mouth is generally a trustworthy source. Friends and family members will recommend moving services that they have had positive personal experiences. This makes direct recommendations valuable, and an excellent starting point.

Another place to check for personal experiences is with a real estate agent. If you’ve just purchased a home and have someone you’re working with, it’s worthwhile to ask them if there’s a local moving company they can refer you to.

Check reviews

While personal recommendations are ideal, there is something to be said about a company’s online presence as well. Not only reading reviews but having a look at their overall online representation will give you a good insight into what the company is like.

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Start with reviews on third-party sites such as Google Maps and Yelp. As these sites operate independently of the business itself and reviews are community-based, they are impartial sources of information. Take some time to read through the reviews and notice any trends. If you notice many people with a similar experience, take it to heart. Keep an eye out for those who have mentioned surprise fees or challenges in resolving questions or issues.

Check credentials

Once you’ve had a look at the moving company’s reviews, head over to their website. In this day and age, a reputable company will have an online presence of its own. While you’re on their site, check their credentials. You should be able to confirm there that they’re both licensed and insured.

Your moving company will be handling all of your precious items. Hiring a mover depends on a level of trust that they’ll safely move your items out of your current home and into your new one, not to mention packing the truck for safe transport. They’re likely to also be solely responsible for your items on the way, meaning you’re trusting that your things are safe when they’re out of sight.

Ask questions

You can learn a lot about a mover by how they communicate with you. Chat with them about your move and what you’ll need them for. Ask questions about their services and their expertise. Pay attention to questions they ask you, as well. A reputable moving company will also want to be sure they have the full picture of your move before the day comes, so they can be sure to have the equipment and manpower they’ll need to get you there. Have a thorough conversation so that you can ensure that your moving estimate includes all of the potential charges so you don’t have any surprises at the end.

Keep an eye out for red flags

When you’re in the process of getting estimates and making plans, keep your eyes open to red flags. A reputable mover won’t be desperate for your business. A bit of enthusiasm about supporting you is one thing, but if they seem overly eager that may be a sign. Reputable moving companies also won’t ask for money upfront – including a cash deposit – so that’s a big alert.

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Pay attention to their communication style and whether they follow through with what they say they’ll do. If during the estimate your mover is late on communicating with you or hard to get ahold of, keep looking. If they can’t answer your questions fully or put your mind to ease about what’s included in your estimate, they may not be the best moving service for you.

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