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How to get Affordable Moving Company Quotes in 2020

How to get Affordable Moving Company Quotes in 2020

Looking through online listings for affordable moving companies can require some serious discernment. What is actually included in the moving quote? How will the moving company assess the final list of charges? Is there a possibility that additional charges will be added on top of the quote? There are a lot of moving-specific terms that may be a bit confusing, too. That’s why we’re here to clear up the confusion and show you how to get affordable moving company quotes in 2020. It doesn’t have to take hours of frustrating research, we promise!

Start looking for moving company quotes early.

Shopping for quotes well in advance of your anticipated moving day means you will have more options — for moving dates as well as moving companies. Booking at the last minute isn’t necessarily impossible, but it may mean you get stuck with whatever moving company you can find. The more affordable moving companies tend to book up faster, so you might have a difficult time finding a company that can accommodate your needs fully without a bigger price tag.

You may also be able to get a discount for booking your movers well in advance! Since moving companies want to secure moving jobs ahead of time, they sometimes offer incentives for those who plan in advance.

How to get Affordable Moving Company Quotes in 2020

Ask for recommendations from friends and family.

Start by asking your local friends and family who they have worked with in the past. They may have a few suggestions to at least give you a starting place, and if they give a company rave reviews that may be all you need to hear! For a little more information, you could also look for verified reviews from past customers. At, we have a collection of verified reviews for our listed movers! When you start comparing quotes, you can also compare ratings.

Get multiple quotes and compare prices.

In just about everything you shop for, it’s smart to compare options right? The same applies to shopping for affordable movers. In order to assess whether the quote a moving company provides is in the right ballpark, you’ll need to compare it to a few other similar companies. So shop around and get a few quotes — or, use a moving app that allows you to compare multiple quotes in minutes.

Once you decide on 3-5 of your top choice movers, do a little bit of a deeper look to compare what they’re offering. How do they calculate the cost of your long-distance move? What level of insurance is included in the cost? What might you need that could cost extra? This will help round out your view of the price comparison.

Make sure you know what kind of quote you’re getting.

This is where moving company terminology can get confusing. There are a few kinds of quotes that you could potentially receive. Choosing one over the other could potentially mean a big difference in price. Here are the terms you need to know when getting affordable moving company quotes in 2020:

  • Non-binding estimate: If possible, avoid this type of quote. At the very least, exercise caution! This means that the company is not bound to honoring the quote they provide. This is often because they estimate your costs based on weight or cubic feet, both things that are difficult to estimate visually. So if your belongings weigh more than they estimated or take up more space in the truck, you’ll be charged more; that’s entirely allowed with this kind of moving quote.
  • ‘Binding not to exceed’: This type of binding estimate gives a little more flexibility for the company to shift the cost, but you have a guaranteed maximum. How much the price shifts will likely depend on whether the moving quote is based on weight or cubic square feet. Sometimes this kind of quote works out in your favor if the company overestimated the size of your shipment!
  • Binding estimate: This is the way to go! With this type of estimate, the company is quoting you a flat rate that they must adhere to barring any significant changes to the move. This can give you the peace of mind of knowing what to budget for your moving company. It also incentivizes the company to give you an accurate quote. This is the kind of quote you’ll receive when you book with Unpakt.

Ask questions!

If anything seems unclear about your quote or how pricing is calculated, ask. Any reputable, professional moving company will be willing to explain any terminology or fees that you don’t understand. 

And if you can’t actually get in contact with anyone? That’s a clear sign to choose another company. Working with a team of professional movers who are honest and skilled will ensure that your next move goes smoothly — both logistically and financially. Let Unpakt help get you affordable moving company quotes!

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