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5 Tips for Reducing Moving Stress

Reducing Moving Stress

Moving from one home to another can be a stressful experience. Doing so in the current climate in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic only adds to this stress. Some people handle moving better than others. We’re all creatures of habit, however, and moving where you live is undoubtedly an anxiety-inducing experience. Take a look at the following tips for reducing moving stress below!

1. Plan Ahead

This is our first tip for good reason. Trying to throw together an already stressful move at the last minute can put your anxiety levels through the roof. Staying organized is the number one way to avoid stress, and it usually means planning your move in advance.

We recommend at least a month for the entire process. This means making a list of all the tasks that need to be done leading up to, during and after the move. Take a look at our article about creating a home inventory list here

Oftentimes overestimating the time it will take to get something done is a great idea. Worst case scenario, you finish with some extra time on your hands. If you have a timeline laid out, not only will it keep you organized but it can also reduce stress to know you’re ahead of schedule. 

2. Control the Controllable

Only controlling the controllable is a great tip for less stress in your daily life. It also applies to moving. Certain things like movers showing up late or a damaged item are an unfortunate (but realistic) part of the process. Rather than stressing out about the things you can’t control, accept them and simply be as prepared as possible for what you can control.

This means making sure you’ve changed your address with the USPS and DMV, calling utility companies for your new home, and sticking to your plan with checklists in hand. 

3. Take a Break

Scheduling breaks into your plan while moving is as essential as the packing and moving itself. Giving yourself time for intermittent breaks will keep you focused and on schedule without burning out. While you may want to just power through the entire process, this is when mistakes are made. Take a quick break for lunch, don’t neglect personal hygiene and know when to call it a day. All three of these tips will make the entire process that much easier mentally and physically. 

4. Find Joy in Downsizing

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to happen in the springtime. Moving creates a fantastic opportunity to dig into the back of your closets and find things you haven’t seen or used in years. 

For some, getting rid of unused items is cathartic in itself. For others, the process of throwing things away is more difficult. If you are in the latter group there are a few things to think about to make it easier. 

  • Consider donating lightly used furniture and items at your local Goodwill or Salvation Army. They’ll more than likely go to someone who needs them rather than sitting in a closet or storage unit. 
  • Make some extra money! If you have items that aren’t heavily used or still in good condition consider selling them. We even put together a list of apps to help you sell your things!
  • If you’re downsizing from a house to an apartment or smaller house, less clutter and more minimalistic design can be calming once the moving process is said and done.   

5. Hire a Professional

Initially, a DIY move seems like a great way to save money. Get a few friends, some pizza, and a truck, and make a day of it! While this works for some people, certain buildings will only let moving companies move residents in and out to avoid damage to hallways and elevators. These buildings often also need Certificates of Insurance in case of any damage during moving.

Whether you decide to hire a professional mover to handle the entire process from start to finish or hire professional packers (to reduce the risk of items getting damaged in tow) and then rent a truck, outsourcing part of the process is a phenomenal way to take some of the weight off your shoulders.

At Unpakt, we have pre-screened moving companies all over the country that can handle your move regardless of the size. Thanks for reading!

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