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How Moving to Fort Wayne Can Be Your Next Best Career Move

Moving to Fort Wayne

The business landscape in the Midwest continues to transform as industries diversify and look for new opportunities. With major companies opening offices left and right, Fort Wayne, Indiana, is no exception — so making a move to Fort Wayne could potentially be the next big step for your career. Here are some facts and figures about the jobs in Fort Wayne so you can make an educated decision.

Employment rates are high

With 96.3% employment, the job market in Fort Wayne is chugging along at a rapid rate and the unemployment rate has been on a steady downward trend. US News and World Report rated the job market as better than most similarly sized metropolitan areas this year, too — so your odds are good if you’re moving to a new city to start a career.

There are opportunities in several major industries

One of Fort Wayne’s primary industries is manufacturing, with jobs available in the automotive and defense professions. General Motors, BF Goodrich, BAE Systems and Harris Corporation provide many careers in the area, as well as Steel Dynamics, a leading steel manufacturer.

Healthcare and education also provide a significant number of jobs: Park Health Systems and Lutheran Health Network are two of the area’s largest employers with medical facilities located in Fort Wayne. Indiana University, Purdue University Fort Wayne, Indiana Institute of Technology, University of Saint Francis and Ivy Tech Community College provide a wide array of opportunities in the academic setting for both professionals and supporting staff.

Prefer to work for yourself? Moving to Fort Wayne may put you in the entrepreneurial atmosphere you crave with coworking spaces, start-up incubators, and business consulting services on the rise to support the blossoming population of motivated entrepreneurs.

Find like-minded colleagues

If you’re hoping to find a more supportive community of like-minded colleagues, here is the breakdown of the employment sectors:

  • 33.1% of people work in management, business, science, and arts
  • 24.3% work in sales and office professions
  • 18% in production, transportation, and materials moving
  • 17.9% work in service industries
  • 6.8% work in natural resources, construction, and maintenance

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