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How to Find a Job Before Moving to Denver

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With its lush Rocky Mountain views, 300 days of sunshine and vibrant music scene, Denver has much to offer to outdoor enthusiasts and city lovers alike. The cost of living is relatively low, and there’s a plethora of restaurants and bars to enjoy – not to mention, the numerous hiking, biking and running trails you can explore in Denver’s great outdoors. If you’re moving to the Mile High City, follow these tips to make finding a job a little bit breezier.

Utilize Online Resources

Denver has many online resources that you can use to find work in the area, such as Andrew Hudson’s Jobs List and Connecting Colorado. Denver’s top industries include aerospace, and┬átelecommunications and technology, though many other career options exist. Forbes recently ranked Denver as the No. 6 best place for business and careers. You can also check job boards like the Metro Denver to see specific listings in your area of expertise.

Get a Head Start on Networking

Networking is regarded as one of the most helpful ways to land a job, but when you’re moving from outside a distance, it might seem difficult to start networking in the Denver area. Fortunately, we live in an era of hyper-connectivity, so you should take advantage of the networking opportunities that are available online and offline. Start by asking if any friends know someone in Denver, and ask them to put you in contact with their relevant business contacts. In addition, you can use LinkedIn and Meetup to find people in your industry to reach out to. Most industries have pre-created free-to-join groups on LinkedIn, which is a great place to find an initial circle of contacts. In addition, Denver offers a number of professional organizations that are free to join, such as the American Payroll Association, a public Human Resources organization and more.

For entrepreneurs and startups Denver offers Coworking spaces, in case you’re moving with a small online business and don’t won’t to set up an office with high expenses yet.

Use Recruitment Agencies

You don’t have to go about everything on your own. Recruitment agencies, like the ones provided by the Internet Chamber of Commerce, acting as a middleman between you and employers in your industry. If you have specific skills and experiences, search for agencies that specialize in them, which will give you ample opportunity to find work before the movers come along. You can even talk to businesses in your local area that has offices open in Denver — just be sure to be upfront about your intentions to move.

Once you’ve got a leg up on finding your first job in Denver, it’s time to think about moving companies and logistics. With Unpakt choosing a moving company is easier than ever and will make moving to Denver as exciting as it should be.

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