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The Cost of Living in Fort Wayne, Indiana

cost of living in Fort Wayne

While there are always pros and cons of a long distance move, relocating to Fort Wayne, Indiana can be a great financial move. Fort Wayne has a cost of living index of 81.2, compared to a national average of 100. This means that living in Fort Wayne can afford you a higher quality of life than you would get in one of the country’s more expensive cities.


The cost of housing in Fort Wayne is what makes the city’s general cost of living so low. Housing rates a 52 on the cost of living index, compared to a state index of 64 and a national index of 100. Which means that buying and renting in Fort Wayne is nearly half of what it costs in the rest of the United States. For many, that’s reason enough to move!

Practically speaking, the median home cost in Fort Wayne in $120,500 and renting a 3-bedroom apartment in the metro area of the city costs about $900/month.

Median Household Income

The median household income in Fort Wayne, IN is approximately $51,500, compared to the national median of $57,600. As you can see, households in Fort Wayne bring in about $6000 less than homes in the rest of the country, but the low cost of living might be worth more than $6000. Of course, only you can determine that by crunching some numbers.

Cost of Groceries and Eating Out

Groceries rate a 91 on the cost of living index, still lower than the national average but not as low as the housing market. Eating out at an inexpensive restaurant costs about $12 per person while ordering a 3-course meal at a mid-range restaurant costs about $25 per person. If you’re a family that earns more than the average median household income, it means that you could enjoy quite a bit of eating out without stressing your budget.


The cost of utilities is fairly inexpensive in Fort Wayne, another way in which you’ll win when it comes to housing. The utility index rates at 82, which translates to $157.85 a month.


Healthcare comes closest to the national average, with an index of 97. Bear in mind, many cities have indexes that are over 100, which means you’ll be paying quite a high cost for healthcare. While 97 comes close, it’s still below the national average.

Transportation / gas

Transportation is the only area that has a higher index than the national average: 102. This includes the cost of gas, car insurance, maintenance expenses, and mass transit fare. If you don’t have a car, your transportation costs will undoubtedly be lower. However, if you need to commute to work, make sure to take the high cost of gas and car insurance into account.

Ready to Move?

If the low cost of living in Fort Wayne, IN is making it look like an attractive option for relocation, check out the long distance moving services that can get you there. And when you use Unpakt, you get access to the best moving companies, both in terms of quality and rates. So what are you waiting for? The low cost of living in Fort Wayne, IN offers a high quality of life, and there’s never been a better time to take the plunge than right now.


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