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Getting a House Ready to Sell Checklist

Getting a House Ready to Sell

It’s almost time: your house is going on the market. You’ve been taking care of paperwork, staring at real estate listings for hours, and now you need to get your house ready to sell. Where do you begin? We’ve created a handy “getting a house ready to sell checklist” that you can use to ensure you’re well prepared for the listing day! Have a look.

  1. Declutter and Organize

    An organized and clean house will not only look more attractive in the listing photos, but it will send a positive message to potential buyers that as an organized homeowner, you’ve likely taken good care of the house. Less clutter also gives the house a more spacious look and feel, making even a small home feel a little bit roomier.

  1. Ask for an outside opinion about what you should improve

    You’ve lived in your home for so long that you’ve probably developed a few blind spots. Have a friend or extended family member (who isn’t too familiar with the house) to come by and walk around. What do they notice that would cause concern, or that they would want to be changed? They may pick up on things that you don’t pay attention to anymore, so take their insights into consideration before you decide on home improvement projects.

  1. Paint or touch up walls, trim, etc.

    Freshening up a room can be as simple as a fresh layer of bright paint, and can make the home feel clean and new. Which for most buyers, feels much more attractive than dirty or banged up walls! If the whole house needs a fresh coat, consider hiring a team of professionals to get it done quickly and efficiently or follow our DIY home painting tip. You’ve got other things to tend when you’re moving to a new home!

  1. Keep your pets and their supplies out of the photos, and away from home showings

    Not everyone loves animals, and some people will be deterred from even viewing the home if there are obviously animals in residence. Avoid this and mistakes when selling your home by checking out our list of top 10 mistakes.

  1. Lighting is everything

    If you’re in the habit of keeping blinds closed, open them all! You might even consider purchasing or borrowing a few extra high-quality lights to brighten up your home for selling. Bright light is associated with a happier, healthier home for most buyers — meaning your house stands a greater chance of becoming a hot commodity. So go ahead, add “more lamps” to your ‘how to get the house ready to sell’ checklist!

  1. Don’t forget the outside

    When someone pulls up to your house for a visit, what do they see? Well-tended yards and clean home exteriors give a far more appealing first impression. Make sure your foundation and baseboards are clean, windows are washed, and if seasonally appropriate, consider giving the siding a powerwash. All hands on deck for home preparation!

  1. Have a plan for showings

    It’s important to be able to prepare last-minute for a showing. That means keeping your home pretty clean all the time and strategizing on how to best utilize a few hours of time to prepare. Pet toys and food away. Dishes put away. Laundry folded and stored. It can be helpful to keep a dresser drawer available for tossing in last-minute stuff!

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