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How to Choose a Mover with Unpakt

Choose a Mover

Before Unpakt, planning a move used to be a time-consuming process. You started by calling a bunch of moving companies and asking for their pricing, which they almost certainly would never give you over the phone. This turned into having several strangers come into your home to scrutinize, measure and itemize every single item that you planned to take with you before they would give you an “estimate” of what your move would cost, subject to lots of variables. Worse, at the time of your actual move, they would often add on charges for slight alterations of the items to be moved, date changes or even bad weather, leaving people stunned and broke. Luckily, Unpakt has a better way!

Get Started

Start by entering some basic information like the date of your planned move and your moving from and to address. From there, you can enter the items you want to move, or you can use the “add typical furniture” feature which adds items to your move plan based on the home size. If you’re not sure how many boxes you’ll need, use the Unpakt Box Guide which will help you get an accurate estimate, so you don’t end up with way too many or not enough boxes. You can then select to add great additional services like professional packing, special handling or storage-in-transit.

Compare Moving Companies to Save Time and Money!

Once you’ve entered in the details of your move, we’ll calculate exact prices based on what items and services you selected. Because Unpakt uses, a standardized formula the prices are guaranteed! Which means there are no surprise costs or bills!

With Unpakt, you’ll be able to compare moving companies based on prices and real customer reviews so you can find the best company within your budget. Better yet, all of the moving companies on Unpakt are verified which means they are experienced, insured and reliable.

Make Changes at Anytime

Another great feature of Unpakt is the ability to save your move plan for later, with no need to start over. You can make all the changes you need to knowing that your pricing will only change if you add or remove belongings, change the dates or add or remove services.

Book it!

When you’ve found a great moving company that fits your budget and has great reviews, it’s time to book! All you’ll have to do is enter your credit card information, and you are all set! Your guaranteed price for the move is locked in. Unpakt will only charge the credit card you entered two business days prior to your move date.

Do Something Fun!

With all the heavy lifting of the move about to be done by your experienced movers, it is time for you to relax and look forward to your new home! Maybe get online and find out about all the interesting spots near your new home, or map out scenic commuting routes to your new job. With Unpakt’s transparent pricing and policies, you can trust that your move will be uneventful and smooth.

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