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How Unpakt Chooses A Moving Company

How Unpakt Chooses A Moving Company

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is “how do you choose which moving companies to list on Unpakt?” Moving companies, customers, and even the moving industry in general have all asked us at one point or another what criteria we use to determine whether a moving company is worthy of an Unpakt listing. The answer is actually quite simple—and we’re laying it all out here for you.

Licensing and Insurance for Moving Companies

At our core, Unpakt is a place where moving customers can rest assured that only licensed, insured and qualified moving companies are listed. What moving customers don’t often realize is that this eliminates a lot of moving companies they may have otherwise considered if they went about searching for a mover in a different manner. We make a very conscious choice to only offer fully licensed and insured companies because we believe that it is our responsibility to provide only companies that operate legally and in accordance with the regulations of their states and governing laws.

Moving Companies on Unpakt Must Agree to Guaranteed Pricing and All Inclusive Service

A hallmark of Unpakt is the ability to provide only guaranteed, all-inclusive prices to moving customers. In doing so we are the only place that moving customers can go to compare moving quotes on an even, level playing field. This means making sure that moving companies we list on Unpakt not only understand our pricing but are willing to stick with the guarantees and policies regarding pricing. This means no hidden fees, no unexpected last minute charges, no holding stuff “hostage” for tips or extra payments. Moving companies agree to allow Unpakt to manage payments between moving customers and their companies while providing guaranteed price quotes to all customers.

Mover Capacity and Operational Capabilites

After confirming proper licensing and insurance in place, and ensuring all movers will abide by guaranteed pricing, Unpakt then reviews the moving company’s ability to take on new business. A listing on Unpakt can be a tremendous boon to a smaller moving company that lacks exposure and marketing muscle like larger competitors. As part of listing a qualified moving company on Unpakt we include how many trucks they have at their disposal and who will be performing the moves. For example, we wouldn’t want a sole proprietor with one truck to book more jobs than they could service. Not only would this undermine our vetting process, it would also drastically increase the risk that one of our customers could accidentally book a move they couldn’t rely on. And that is not Unpakt.

Unpakt Reads Real, Confirmed Authentic Moving Reviews

This part is actually after the initial listing on Unpakt but is a critical part of our listing process. Being listed on Unpakt is not the final step for a moving company. We are constantly reviewing our listed moving companies, performing an ongoing assessment of the reviews our customers leave after they move, and examining the way they handle Unpakt customers from start to finish. Though rare, Unpakt does remove or suspend listings if a moving company is not upholding the quality of the Unpakt customer promise.

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