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Things You Should Know Before Moving to Arlington, VA

Moving to Arlington

Are you moving to Arlington, Virginia? Located in the northern part of the state, Arlington is a great city for several reasons including the low unemployment rate the city boasts. It’s true that a lot of Federal Government workers settle here, but there is also a diverse economy in the area with many healthcare, retail, telecommunications and technology jobs available. But before you compare movers and start packing, here are thirteen things you should know before moving to the area!


  1. It’s a bit pricey

    Like most areas near the District of Columbia, living in Arlington is very pricey, with a cost of living that is 154 percent of the national average, and housing that costs about three times the norm.


  1. It’s a bit urban

    Arlington and all of Northern Virginia has a decidedly more urban feel than the rest of the state because it is a haven for people from all over and is known to be a somewhat transient area.


  1. It has a great school systems

    Education is a top priority and public schools are nationally recognized for high achievement and graduation rates. There is an excellent community college in the area, called NOVA which has the reputation of being better than many four-year colleges.


  1. There are lots of beautiful homes

    Historical plantation homes were once dotted throughout large tracts of land in the area; though many have been torn down to make room for progress, there are still many beautiful older homes remaining.


  1. Traffic is utterly ridiculous!

    There is simply no way to sugarcoat it, and the beltway is legendary for its daily gridlock. Figure out a way to work off hours or away from “D.C.” to avoid long commutes.


  1. Great for sports fans

    Sports fans will enjoy all the different teams in the area, from the Washington Redskins football team to the hockey team the Washington Capitals and the newer Washington Nationals Major League Baseball team.


  1. Expect to see motorcades regularly

    You might even spot a Congress members or two at the local markets.


  1. The population in the area is extremely diverse

    Immigrants from all over the world flock to the area because of the great job market, educational opportunities and direct access to flights to international destinations. This diversity manifests itself in lots of authentic bakeries, restaurants, stores and cultural events of all types.


  1. So much History

    History buffs will love Arlington; American history engulfs you in northern Virginia, from Arlington National Cemetery to Mount Vernon and the Manassas Battlefield.


  1. Traveling by Air is Easy

    Flights are easy to either of the two major airports that service the area. Dulles International Airport is serviced by many international airlines; Reagan National Airport offers more domestic flights and easier accessibility to D.C.


  1. Daily Commute is easy too

    Public transportation is growing to catch up with demand. The Metrorail System offers several lines throughout the area; the Orange Line is the main leg that runs to Arlington and multiple bus routes alleviate some of the traffic congestion.


  1. Outdoor life is great

    People love the outdoors in Northern Virginia; lengthy bike trails like the “rails to trails” W & OD from Arlington to Leesburg are used by runners, walkers and bikers alike, and group sports are extremely popular in all age groups.


  1. Provides 4 seasons

    This area has a four-season climate; winter brings cold, snow and ice, there are cherry blossoms in the spring, hot summers and beautiful fall color displays of oak and maple trees.

Now that you know a little more about Arlington, do you think it is the right place for you and your family? If so, check out the Unpakt website for guaranteed pricing from long distance moving companies and start packing!



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