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5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Relocating For a Job

Relocating For a Job

Should you relocate for this job or shouldn’t you? Tough choice, no doubt. To come to the right decision, you need a combination of information and intuition. Research as extensively as you can and be as truthful with yourself as you can. Uprooting your life for a job might be the best decision you ever make, or one you might regret. We compiled this list of questions to help you make sure you’ve covered all bases before relocating for a job:

1. Is the job right for me?

There are many factors to consider pertaining to the position you have been offered and the company you will be working for.

Will you love the new job? Will it call upon your best skills and strengths? People tend to be both happier and more successful when their jobs involve their biggest talents and pose the right amount of challenge. It shouldn’t be too hard, or you’ll stress yourself out; it also shouldn’t be too easy, or you’ll get bored.

  • Is the company culture right for you?
  • Is the company poised to grow in the foreseeable future? Does it offer growth opportunities for your career?
  • Are the salary, terms and benefits right for you?
  • Who’s paying for relocation costs?

2. Is the city right for me?

Assuming the position is nothing short of dreamy, you still have to look at the reality of living in the city in question and gather all the information you can about it.

  • What is the cost of living? Consider the offered salary. Will you be able to live well and maintain financial responsibility when you take cost of living into account?
  • Does the new city offer the kind of recreation and entertainment that appeals to you? Does it have the arts and sports venues that you like? Will you enjoy your time there outside of office hours?
  • Is the city safe?
  • What is the weather like?
  • Does it have a strong employment market in case things don’t work out?
  • Do you see yourself living there?

3. Will your spouse and children be happy with the change?

How do your significant other and children feel about the possibility of relocation? Does your spouse have employment opportunities there? What will they do there? If your spouse will not necessarily be working, take into account their loss of income when planning your budget. You should also ask yourself what they will be doing if they don’t work. Spouses that come along without much to do in the new city might suffer more from loneliness, get bored and struggle to fit in. This adds a lot of stress to the relocating family, but it can be avoided with proper planning.

  • Is there charity work or community activities they can be involved in? In short, will they be happy there?
  • What is the level of education in the new city? What are the schools like?
  • What kind of recreational facilities are available there for your kids?
  • How will your kids handle being disconnected from their friends and extended family? Are they likely to settle in easily and make new friends or are they more introverted and likely to find it challenging?

4. How do you feel about your current situation?

It’s not only about where you’re headed. Take some time to think about what and who you and your family will be leaving behind.

  • What do you love about the city you are living in now?
  • What will you miss most of all?
  • Who will you miss? Can you maintain those important relationships long-distance? What would that entail?
  • Are you excited about changing your current situation?
  • It is natural to be somewhat apprehensive about a major life change like relocation, but do you also get those happy butterflies in your belly when you think about moving?

5. Are you up to it?

The best decisions are made when you’re completely honest with yourself. Think about major changes you have gone through in your life.

  • How well do you handle change?
  • How much stress did you find yourself in?
  • How did you handle that stress?
  • What was it like the last time you moved?

Moving can be made easier with full-service movers, but settling in is up to you.

  • How easily do you make friends?
  • Are you shy and reserved by nature or outgoing and friendly?
  • What would be a perfect work-life balance for you?
  • Do you believe you will be able to find that balance in your new situation?
  • Does the relocation in question feel like a move in the right direction?
  • What are your aspirations? Where do you hope to be, personally and professionally, a few years down the road?
  • Have you done enough research? Are you sure you have all the information you need?
  • Do you have a back-up plan?

What does your gut tell you? Don’t underestimate your instincts, they could be very accurate.

What would be your biggest challenge when deciding whether to relocate for a job? Tell us in the comments!

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