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How to Protect Your Home While on Vacation

Protect Your Home

It’s time for a vacation, hooray! But before you pack your bags and put on your sunglasses, what are you going to do to protect your home while you’re away? Save yourself the stress and check out our tips to protect your home while on vacation. You’ll enjoy your vacation a whole lot more!

Invest in a home security system

These days the best security systems are so much more than just a siren that goes off if a burglar breaks your window. Some systems include fire alarms, motion-activated cameras at doorways, and real-time monitoring — as well as smartphone integration if you ever want to log in and check on your house while you’re away. Not only will a security system give you peace of mind, but it will likely reduce your homeowner’s insurance, too.

Install outdoor motion sensor lighting and cameras

In some cases, motion-sensing lights are enough to deter a burglar who doesn’t want to be seen around your house at night. Take it one step further and choose a system that also activates a camera when the lighting system turns on, and you’ll have complete confidence that you’re prepared against any possible intruders. Link your outdoor system with your indoor SmartHome, and you can have those cameras monitored, too.

Use a programmable thermostat

It’s not just burglars that could impact your home’s safety– the elements can, too. Make sure you don’t return home to a burst pipe or an overheating home by installing a programmable thermostat that can be monitored from your smartphone. That way if something happens that trips the system and your heat isn’t working properly, you can call someone to come fix things before your house gets too cold. Which brings us to…

Establish a local contact who is willing to check in on your home

Even the best security apps can’t take charge and address a broken furnace or a flooded basement — and sometimes, it’s just nice to have someone text with an “everything looks good!”. Make sure they know where all of the important shutoff valves and circuit breakers are, have a list of resources and numbers to call if something goes wrong, and that they know how to reach you if you are out of the country.

Prepare your home with the basics

One of the best ways to protect your home while on vacation is to make sure everything is in working order. If you have old locks or wobbly doors, fix them. If your furnace has been making funny noises, get it looked at. Don’t let simple things like broken window latches become the thing that you “meant to fix”… that becomes a much bigger issue. Before you leave, close the blinds in such a way to prevent prying eyes, but not to completely block out sunlight.

To make sure your house doesn’t scream “VACANT” to a passerby, follow these tips for protecting your home while on vacation!


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