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7 Ways to De-Stress After Your Move

De-Stress After Your Move

Many people consider moving a stressful event, even an ordeal. This is true even if the whole process goes smoothly – the packing, truck rental, unpacking, settling in, etc. The fact is, the act of uprooting yourself from one place and planting yourself somewhere else is very emotionally taxing. So once you’ve moved, how can you shed all the tension you’ve been carrying and relieve your stress? Here are 7 ways to de-stress after your move. Choose the one (or ones) that speak to you!

1. Exercise

Physical activity has been proven to reduce stress, so while you may feel tired and drained, engaging in regular aerobic activity can be just the thing to help you regain your equilibrium. Just make sure to choose an activity you enjoy (running, yoga, biking, etc.), otherwise it’ll end up being a pain.

2. Socialize

One of the hard parts of moving is leaving your friends and the social scene behind. So finding new opportunities to socialize can help relieve some of your stress and help you get back into the routine. Some ideas for meeting new people after your move include:

  • Introduce yourself to neighbors
  • Join a class
  • Invite your coworkers out for Happy Hour
  • Throw a housewarming party

3. Music

Listening to music can help you relax, so whether you’re unpacking or doing errands, find the music that suits your mood and put it on. If you’re feeling particularly stressed, blues or pop music can be just the thing to soothe your nerves.

4. Spend time outdoors

Whether it’s hot or cold, spending time outdoors can help reduce cortisol, the stress-causing hormone. You don’t even need to exercise; just the very act of being outdoors can improve your mood. If you love nature, head out to the closest forest or natural park. If you prefer being close to home, sit on your porch or in your backyard; just get some fresh air and relax.

5. Gardening

Gardening can be a great way to de-stress as well as do something productive. Not only does it mean spending time outdoors (see above), but many people feel a sense of satisfaction from planting and watching their gardens grow. Plus, you’ll be making your new home more beautiful, so it’s a win-win situation.

6. DIY home styling project

If you’re feeling stressed and you love DIY projects, choose something fun that will help you unpack some of the stress that’s moved along with you to your new home. Paint a mural on one of your walls, build a bookshelf, rearrange furniture – just choose something you’ll enjoy!

De-Stress After Your Move

7. Pamper yourself

Moving is physically and emotionally taxing, so pampering yourself can be just what you need to relax your mind and body. Going to a spa, getting a massage, or going for a manicure can make you feel better instantly.

Congrats, You Did It!

With all the stress, anxiety, and tension that comes along with moving, keep in mind that you moved for a reason! And whatever that reason, you’ve chosen a new home that will hopefully be better for you in whatever capacity you need (closer to work, better schools, etc.). So while it may be hard to let go of all the stress, just remember to breathe, and while you’re at it, congratulate yourself on a job well done!

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