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A Quick Guide to Childproofing Your New Home

Childproofing Your New Home

If you’re planning on moving to a new house with little kids in tow, you may have been so busy figuring out how to childproof your actual move that you forgot to consider how to childproof your new home! The good news is that most childproofing devices and gadgets are fairly easy to implement — you just need to make a list and go out and get them. Sure, they can add some extra expense to your settling-in budget, but the peace of mind that comes with keeping your kids safe is totally worth it. Here’s a quick guide for childproofing your new home:

Think ahead

Your baby may not be crawling yet, but before you know it, they’ll be crawling, climbing, walking, and running all over the place. So make sure you have a plan of how to block off staircases, lock cabinets that contain cleaning chemicals, etc.

Furniture – If you’re concerned that your little ones may topple over furniture or bump their heads into sharp corners, here are a few safety precautions you can take:

  • Anchor furniture to your walls (you can always repaint the walls later once anchoring is no longer necessary)
  • Place edge protectors on sharp corners, or try to minimize sharp corners at low heights
  • In the nursery, make sure the furniture is placed far away from the crib and that there are no drapes or cords within hands’ reach of the crib

Restrict access

  • If you keep your cleaning supplies or meds in low-level cabinets, make sure to install childproof latches and locks. Same goes for any place where dangerous items are kept
  • If you work from a home office or have any other room that you don’t consider safe or child-friendly (garage, basement, attic), place a high-quality safety gate at the door. It’s a lot easier to block off an entire room than to say “Don’t touch the computer!” Also, make sure to place safety gates at the tops and bottoms of staircases to avoid accidents
  • If you’re lucky enough to have a pool in your new home, make sure to install a fence around it. Not to scare you, but drowning is the leading cause of death in children ages 1-4, so a fence is definitely an essential
  • Set up a playpen for when you need to cook, iron, etc
  • Cover electrical outlets


First of all, set up your oven/stovetop in a place that’s not easily accessible to kids. You can also consider buying an oven with triple-glazed glass doors that stays cool to the touch. If that kind of oven is too pricey, at least place knob covers on the stovetop or remove the knobs when not in use. Additionally, whenever you cook on the stovetop with a pan with a handle, make sure the handle is facing inward, not outward, so your child can’t grab it.

Install smoke detectors

Installing smoke detectors should be a given whether you live with kids or not, but when it’s just adults, it’s easy to skimp or delay installation. However, smoke detectors are absolutely essential when you have kids, and the ones that come with a carbon monoxide sensor are even better. While we never expect fires or chemical leaks to happen to us, it’s important to be prepared if they do.

Keep it Simple, Make a Checklist

If you’re overwhelmed at the thought of childproofing your new home, make things simple by making a childproofing checklist. Organization is a great antidote to overwhelm. Once you have your list, just check things off one by one — but remember, not everything can happen in a day. Take care of the most urgent things now, and make a timeline of when you can expect to check off everything else. Sure, there are worries and anxiety that come along with moving, but there’s also fun and exhilaration! Once you’ve childproofed everything and settled in, you’ll be free to truly enjoy your new home.

Make Moving Easy

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