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5 Reasons Why Jersey City is a Great Place to Live

Jersey City

If you want a comfortable and reasonably-priced area to live in the New York area, Jersey City could be the perfect home base. You might even be able to walk to work with corporate giants, like PriceWaterhouseCoopers and Goldman Sachs, located in the heart of this city. Here are 5 reasons why Jersey City is a great place to live:

1. Jersey City is directly adjacent to Manhattan

However, with more affordable apartments and condominiums available. When moving to the area, you will quickly see how expensive Manhattan can be, and what a relative bargain you will find in Jersey City. While you can easily commute to Manhattan, you will keep more of your paycheck living in Jersey City.

2. People are flocking to Jersey City for a number of reasons

For instance, the city is currently being renovated and “rejuvenated” while still maintaining its historical monuments and architecture. Living here, you will find a combined ambience of modern architecture and historical preservation.

3. Jersey City has fun too

Whether you like New York City for its night-life, fast foods or fine dining or all of these, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that Jersey City has them, too. Better still, in comparison to Manhattan, the finer establishments are less costly while still offering customers wonderful and unique dishes created by some of the world’s finest chefs.

4. Lots of Transportation Options

The transportation in Jersey City might be one of the city’s most beneficial perks. The city has multiple modes of transportation including — the PATH train and the ferry that travel to Manhattan for commuters, and buses with stops located conveniently all over town. In Jersey City, you’ll also find that plenty of people that bike or drive to work.

5. Have you seen the view?

If you like the dynamic vibe of New York City, but do not like the crowded streets, Jersey City offers breathtaking views of Manhattan from across the Hudson River. Imagine taking a walk at night with a loved one, picking up an ice cream cone and strolling to river’s edge to take in the beauty of Manhattan from the opposite shore. The scenic benefits of living in Jersey City are absolutely wonderful.

Affordable living, awesome transportation, wonderful dining choices, scenic views, along with renovations galore while still maintaining its historical nature– these are all outstanding reasons to call Jersey City home. Jersey City is the perfect alternative to living in Manhattan; consumers have choices, and for many who work in New York City, these choices have led them across the river to Jersey City.

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