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The Cost of Living in Arlington, Virginia

Cost of Living in Arlington

There is so much history in Arlington, Virginia, that you can’t get around it. Once a part of the “ten miles square” of the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C., it was separated off in the 1840s. Just across the Potomac, Arlington is conveniently located close to the capital while maintaining a more suburban feel that attracts families and those who work in D.C. but don’t want to be city-dwellers. As you can guess? That makes the cost of living in Arlington, VA, higher than the majority of other U.S. cities. Here’s what you can expect if you’re moving here.

Home prices are fairly high

The median house price is around $565,000, and only about 55% of Arlington’s residents are homeowners. The median age is 34 with a median income of $107,266 per household, and the average price per square foot has risen 6% over the last year — a trend reflective of the increasing demand for housing around Washington, D.C. Arlington is predicted to continue rising in popularity, so investing in real estate could prove to be a good idea! Already have your eye on some real estate? Let us help you get your moving services squared away.

Rent is higher than the national average

Renting a one-bedroom in the center of Arlington (think close to the Metro stops) will run around $2,112 per month, with the median rent in Arlington hovering just over $3,000 per month. Utilities average around $124 per month with the exception of bigger houses, which will likely be significantly higher — especially in the summer, with the demand for air conditioning in the southern heat.

Food costs more in Arlington than the rest of Virginia

A meal for one at a mid-range restaurant will cost an average of $15-20, while a meal for two kicks up to $60. The average cost of groceries is similarly above the national average and even further above Virginia average, with the Economic Policy Institute suggesting that a family of 4 needs an income of nearly $90,000 yearly to ‘get by’.

Transportation can go either way

If you live close to the metro and commute to work via public transit, the monthly SmarTrip costs can vary from $165 or more depending on your route (some routes are more expensive). Buying a pass will get you unlimited trips on certain lines — it’s a bit confusing, but the WMATA can explain for you. Otherwise, you’re looking at commuting with the masses. Gas prices tend to be around average, but with traffic, you can expect to spend longer on your commute. If you might sell your car before making the trip, let us help with deciding to drive or fly for your move.

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