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Rental demand in the United States is soaring, and the nicest apartments are quickly rented, often before the current tenants are completely moved out. Common sense dictates that managers and owners want to find the most responsible tenants to care for their property and their investment. In this environment, you need to stand out from other applicants to get the apartment that you love. These quick tips will help you get ready you the application process and get you into the apartment you want.


Show them you are a qualified tenant

Most landlords would prefer renters that do not smoke, drink to excess, have vicious dogs or play the drums. If you can claim any, or all, of these statuses– let them know right away!


Help them love your pets

If you do have pets, point out that you are a responsible pet owner. Tell them how you take good care of your pet and your rental home. The landlord just might allow your pets, especially if you promise to pick up after them and pay for any damages.


Prove you can afford the rent

Share your employment or other income status, particularly if you have a long-term job, and be prepared to back it up with paystubs or another document proving your monthly income. A good rule of thumb is to stay below 30 percent of your monthly gross when shopping for an apartment.


Give them people to talk with

Bring the names and phone numbers of a few people that can vouch for you as a productive member of society. The best references to provide are employers, previous landlords or business colleagues.


Long-term leases help

If you hate moving, suggest a longer-term lease. Apartment owners do not like apartment vacancies or the time and expense of getting the space ready for new tenants, so offering to rent for two years or more will give you extra credit.

Because landlords charge an application fee, only apply for the apartment that fits all your needs. Additionally, get a blank copy of their application and lease agreement upfront. Review these documents and confirm that you can live with the terms before you apply. Before you sign the lease make sure you ask a few key questions.

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