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5 Best Places to Hear Live Music in Wichita, KS

Live Music in Wichita

If you love listening to live music, there’s no better place to move than Wichita, Kansas. Wichita has loads of amazing locations that feature terrific live music, both during the day and at night.

What’s more, Wichita’s selection of musical venues ranges from cafes to bars to concert halls. That means that no matter what your scene is, you’re sure to find a place where you feel comfortable. Then, all that’s left for you to do is to kick up your feet and relax as the rhythm of Wichita’s live music carries you away. Here are the 5 best places to hear live music in Wichita, KS

1. River City Brewing Co.

This isn’t just any brewery. River City Brewing Co. is a complete dining and live-music experience! All week long, you can take your pick from 16 beers on tap. Feast on local Kansas-raised beef, pizza, and other dishes. On weekends, get prepared to party as various local bands take the stage to entertain you with live music. Just make sure to reserve seats beforehand. Tables book up fast!

2. R Coffee House

Not only can you get strong, delicious coffee at R Coffee House, but you can also enjoy some of the best live music in Wichita, Kansas. The coffee house is family-run, and the owners make sure to serve both high-quality food and high-quality live music! As you’re listening to some of the best live music in town, you can also check out art exhibits by local artists.

3. Orpheum Theater

If you’re looking for something a bit more formal, Orpheum Theater is a great place to hear live music in Wichita, KS. In addition to rock and roll and classical concerts, Orpheum Theater also hosts kids’ concerts like Daniel Tiger Live, and musical comedy shows like Weird Al Yankovic. Don’t forget Gridiron, one of Wichita’s oldest and funniest stage shows.

4. Mort’s Martini and Cigar Bar

“Come for the drinks. Stay for the music.” That’s what Mort’s Martini and Cigar Bar boasts on its website, and once you arrive on any day of the week, you’ll find that you totally agree! On Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays you can come out in the afternoon to hear any number of local bands. During the week, be prepared to stay out until all hours of the night as you listen to the sweet sounds of live music in Wichita, KS.

5. The Artichoke Sandwich Bar

Wichita locals swear that when you try the #8 at The Artichoke Sandwich Bar, your life will be changed forever. Combine that with incredible acoustic live music on the weekends, and you will never be happier that you moved to Wichita, Kansas.

Opportunities for Musicians in Wichita, KS

If you’re a musician who plans on moving to Wichita, KS, you’ll have no shortage of venues to showcase your talent. Just make sure to safely pack musical instruments, so they don’t get damaged in transit.

So, When Are You Moving to Wichita, KS?

Now that you know about all the awesome options for playing and listening to live music in Wichita, Kansas, all that’s left for you to do is to pack up and get out there.

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