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Big and Small Bathroom Design Ideas For 2019

Jose Soriano bathroom

Your bathroom isn’t a space that you’re going to up and remodel every year to keep up with what’s trending — we know that. But that doesn’t mean you can’t spruce up your space with some of the fresh new bathroom design ideas of 2019. Keep things interesting, add some fresh color, whatever inspires you: this year’s big bathroom design ideas will have you flexing your creativity muscles with glee.

Dark paint is in

Spa culture is a big inspiration for this year’s trends, and dark, sultry color palettes and black walls are a notable product of that sway. This choice is a dramatic step away from a focus on the functional, and a choice to make your bathroom an experience. Note: black paint may not be suitable for small bathrooms since it will make them feel smaller. In that case, choose accents in dark colors that give your space a deep, luxurious feel. Bonus? This is a great option if you’re looking for striking DIY bathroom design ideas on a budget.

Go seamless with your shower remodel

Ok ok, sometimes it’s just time for a new shower. This year the designers are all about creating the visually seamless effect: floor-to-ceiling glass and — get this — no dam. This is a project for those who are willing to invest since floor-to-ceiling glass looks beautiful and custom because it usually is. But the effect is stunning and will make your bathroom feel incredibly spacious.

Make a statement in your powder room

With the miraculous advent of stick-on wallpaper that can easily be removed and changed, you are now free to choose a bold print for your statement wall in the powder room. Big, floral prints are popping up everywhere and go well with muted tones on other walls, and are a simple but eye-catching piece of DIY home decor. If you aren’t willing to commit an entire wall, choose a bold or eye-catching piece of art instead to give your bathroom a little bit of flair.

Give your mirror some personality

Out of the way, boring rectangular mirrors: rounded edges and unique, statement pieces are in. As mentioned above, the bathroom design trends of 2019 are all about making function also beautiful. A beautiful mirror can make your basic vanity truly a work of art — just remember to keep the rest of the vanity area more minimal if you choose something ornate. If you aren’t ready to go too artistic, add a mirror with rounded edges and a thin border to keep a clean aesthetic.

Utilize your window for the vanity

What’s not to like? The lighting is great, the view is beautiful, and there are many ways to creatively suspend a mirror from the ceiling or use a retractable arm mirror attached to a side wall. The only downside? Usually, plumbing isn’t routed through the outer walls… so this might become a significant project. Another option: set up a small vanity table by the window and leave your pedestal sink where it is.

Everything is floating

It is the season for floating toilets and vanities! If your home has the structural support, attaching the toilet to the wall creates a seamless feel and the appearance of more space in your bathroom by opening up the floor. This can be a great small bathroom design idea, as long as you’re willing to make the investment in the renovation project. Designers say this one is here to stay…

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