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Tips for Selling Furniture on Craigslist

Selling furniture on Craigslist

You’ve perused Craigslist plenty of times. Maybe you’ve scored some great furniture, found a new apartment, or even sold some of your stuff, or even donated some furniture to charity — but you certainly don’t consider yourself a pro.

It might be time to level up. There are a few key components of successfully selling furniture on Craigslist that can reduce the amount of time and hassle, and get you a better price for your goods. You don’t want to end up paying to put your furniture in storage, right? So once you’ve decided what you plan to sell, take each item through this checklist and watch the buyers roll in.

Good photos are crucial

Scrolling through Craigslist any day of the week, you’ll see plenty of poor-quality photos and vague listings that are an immediate turn-off. Make yours stand out by:

  • If possible, use a high-quality digital camera. If not, do your best with your phone!
  • Clean the items well and tidy up the area around them that will be seen in the photos. The way you treat your home is, people assume, the way you have treated your furniture.
  • Take photos in natural daylight, as this tends to show the item’s true color and condition. Take photos from different angles including close-up and a more staged “scene”. 
  • Include photos of any damage or issues with your item to prevent having buyers haggle with you on-site once they find out about that big scratch.

Keep the listing short and sweet

Potential buyers want to know just a few facts about your furniture: 

  • Asking price, including whether you’re holding firm or are willing to take the best offer (“OBO” indicates this option in your listing)
  • A concise but clear description of the item including materials and any significant flaws
  • Measurements so the buyer knows if they can fit the furniture in their vehicle. If you’re selling oversized furniture they may need help moving it out of your house.
  • Whether the buyer will need to pick up the item or you’re willing to deliver
  • A timeframe for pickup (ex: “Available for pickup between 12-5 on Saturday.”)
  • Payment options you are willing to accept (cash only, Venmo)
  • Don’t list your phone number! Only provide this information to your eventual buyer to ensure you can meet up for the sale.

Do some research before pricing and decide what you’re willing to take

Chances are pretty good that your antique writer’s desk isn’t the only one on the market. Do a little research to see what other desks are listed at, then decide what you’re willing to accept. If you’re unwilling to bargain with your buyers, note that you’re firm on your asking price and be sure it’s on par with other similar items. If you’re willing to take the best offer or bargain, list the item a little high so you have some cushion.

Don’t respond to every inquiry

You’re not looking forward to an inbox full of inquiries, but one of the best ways to sell furniture on Craigslist is to be ruthless in filtering out those who are serious about buying and those who aren’t. A few red flags:

  • The sender sounds desperate and says they need to pick up the item immediately. These folks often use all caps. Delete.
  • The sender offers to send you a money order. Nope.
  • The sender asks questions about the item which are clearly answered in the listing, responds with only one sentence, or fails to refer directly to the item being sold but asks generalized questions. Not serious.

Now that you know how to sell furniture on Craigslist, it’s time to start perusing some interior decorating apps and begin shopping for that next amazing couch…

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