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Tips for Moving House in the Rain

Moving in the rain

Unless you’re planning a slip-n-slide party, there are very few events that are improved by a rainy day. And moving is certainly not one of them. But when you’ve scheduled the movers and everything is already set in motion, you just have to make the best of the weather. There are a few simple things you can do to more easily navigate rain-related inconveniences and ensure your move goes smoothly — and we’re here to help make sure you’re prepared when moving house in the rain. Have a look.

Stock up on extra-large trash bags and furniture-sized plastic wrap

If you’ve been watching the weather and it looks like you’ll be moving house on a rainy day, make a trip to the hardware store for some extra-large trash bags and oversized plastic wrap. Some professional moving companies may bring the plastic wrap for your furniture, but it can be helpful for protecting other smaller items too. You can slip smaller boxes in a trash bag just for transport to the truck and then reuse, or bag up items like pillows and blankets to keep them dry.

Protect your floors with towels and moving pads

Repeated trips to the moving truck can leave a wet, muddy trail of mess. You don’t want to spend tons of time cleaning your carpets or floors after you move out, so use coverings wherever possible and prevent damage. Move as many boxes into the room closest to the door before you start making trips to the moving truck, or prior to the movers’ arrival, to shorten the distance those wet shoes have to travel.

Get the moving truck as close as possible to your home or apartment building

This might mean reorganizing your driveway and moving your cars, trimming back low-hanging tree branches, or taking special measures to ensure you have a parking space right out front. You could also consider hanging a tarp between your entryway and the back of the moving truck to provide cover! If you live in a place like Seattle where people are accustomed to the rain, your movers may have suggestions as well.

Allow extra time for traffic

If you’re moving in a true downpour, there’s a high likelihood that traffic will be moving slower than usual and everything could take a little longer than expected. Make sure to budget enough time in your day to account for everything moving just a little bit slower. 

Don’t forget to protect yourself from the rain, too

Especially if you are moving to a cold climate, don’t forget to take care of yourself too. Wear shoes that have proper traction to prevent an accidental slip, keep yourself covered with a rain jacket or poncho, and if you find yourself getting cold, take preventative measures to dry off and warm up. Keep plenty of towels handy so everyone in the moving party can dry off too.

If boxes do get wet…

Sometimes in a downpour, it’s impossible to keep everything dry. If cardboard boxes end up getting wet, make sure that you lift them only while fully supporting the bottom to prevent breakage. As you’re settling in, unpack the wet boxes first to protect contents from getting damp or moldy and remove the cardboard from your new home.

Keep your fingers crossed for clear skies, but if it looks like rain, at least you’ll be prepared.

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