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Best Apps for Selling Stuff

best app for selling stuff

Though we’d like to think that the classic garage sale will never die, these days there’s an app for everything — including selling your used stuff. Not all apps are user-friendly though, so here’s a list of the best apps for selling used stuff on both iOS and Android. Download, start snapping photos, and commence downsizing your home to get ready for the big move.


iOS and Android

Some apps have limits on what you can sell, but not LetGo. Download the app, upload photos of what you’re trying to sell, and fill in some basic information about the item. Bingo, it’s up for sale and you didn’t have to pay a dime. Title things clearly so people will find them quickly in a search — and if you really want to get rid of things quickly, you can pay a small fee to show your item as a “featured item”. This means people will see it closer to the top of the list. The one catch: LetGo leaves all payments between you and the buyer, so be cautious and clear.


iOS and Android 

Cleaning out your closet before you move can be such a cathartic process, but getting rid of quality clothes at a yard sale or donating them to a thrift shop can feel like a waste. Download ThredUp, where you can sell your brand-name and gently used clothing to a hungry market. You may not be able to get rid of everything as shoppers are thinking seasonally, but you can certainly recoup some money to go towards… oh, maybe a new wardrobe for your new city? Payments are all handled through the app, so no stress about customer interactions – but ThredUp does take a percentage of the sale. Even so, add this to your list of best apps for moving.


iOS and Android

Yes, the name is a cute way to write the word “smiles” — but it’s also a super user-friendly app to help you sell your stuff to people that live within a 5-mile radius. Kind of brilliant, right? 5miles chooses a safe meeting point for you to hand off the item and, if you don’t live in a densely populated place, you can extend your range to up to 50 miles. The app does rely on location tracking, so if you have concerns around privacy you might want to choose a different app for selling stuff in your neighborhood.


iOS and Android

For savvy sellers who want to only interact with verified potential buyers, OfferUp is the best app for selling used stuff. Users must confirm their identity through a multi-step process, and each user can be reviewed by those they’ve interacted with — which means any shady characters immediately get picked out. OfferUp is a platform for selling just about anything, so you might not even need that garage sale backup plan after all! Motivated buyers can pay to boost their posts, but a well-titled listing should do the trick.

What is the best app for selling used stuff? It depends on your preferences, but get out your phone and start downloading. You’ll be glad you did when you’re moving into your new home without tons of excess stuff. Make sure to use a home inventory app to estimate your move size.

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