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Thoughtful Ways to Say Goodbye to Neighbors You Like

Ways to Say Goodbye to Neighbors

Many folks are overjoyed to finally get away from their neighbors; moving day can’t come fast enough. If you have listened to loud music or kids screaming or dealt with a deadbeat who never cut their lawn then you probably won’t even feel obligated to wave as you are pulling out of the driveway for the last time. However, what if you actually like your neighbors? What if you have an elderly couple next door who kept you fed with home-cooked meals? How do you say goodbye to neighbors who came over and let your dog out every day while you were at work? These neighbors are considered friends, maybe even family so a simple goodbye just will not do. Here are some thoughtful ways to say goodbye before your moving service arrives.

Write a Letter

You don’t necessarily need to spend a lot of money to let your neighbor know how much they will be missed. You can buy a card, but a letter inside would certainly be icing on the cake. Mention specific times when their actions or kind words were appreciated more than they know. This is something that will touch their heart forever. If you do buy them a gift, you can still include a letter too!

Month Clubs

Do you know your neighbor absolutely loves chocolate? A “Chocolate of the Month” club would certainly be appreciated. This way, every time they receive a new delivery they will think of you. Many of these clubs offer quarterly deliveries that are a little cheaper too. If you haven’t looked at these clubs then prepare to be blown away when you see the creative options that are available. Most are familiar with chocolate, wine, coffee, and tea clubs, but some other popular options include bacon, cheese, cake, candle, cigar, cookie, cupcake, hot sauce, jam, jerky, olive oil, salsa, popcorn, peanut butter, pasta, fruit, and ice cream.

Evening Together

If you are handy in the kitchen, make them a nice meal and spend the evening reminiscing. If cooking is not your cup of tea, take them to a nice restaurant. You don’t have to stick with a meal either. Maybe you can go to the cider mill the two of you always talk about but never got around to going to, or perhaps you can take them to the ballet or theater. Do something that will be memorable for everyone involved.

Photo Collage or DVD

Do you have a lot of photos of you with your neighbors? Perhaps you simply have one photo of you with them, but a bunch that you have randomly taken of them and their dog. You can either create a photo collage, or you can buy a collage frame and place the pictures in individually. If you are extremely close with them and have a ton of photos then you can have a DVD made of them set to music. You can also have a calendar, coasters, blanket or countless other items made with photos as well.

Homemade Gift Basket

Gift baskets that you purchase are certainly nice, but if you make one yourself, you can really personalize it. You can pick up baskets at the craft store for well under $1. Be sure to grab plastic wrap and ribbon too. Then, you can buy a bunch of little things that you know they like, you can include gift cards too. If they have pets, maybe include a treat for them as well. They will feel truly special when they see how much thought you put into this.


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