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Moving Away Party Ideas

moving away party

Throwing a moving party for a close friend, relative or coworker who is moving away requires some creativity. Your goal should be to create a pre-move environment that is filled with fun and laughter, yet reminds those moving away from family how much they will be missed after they are gone. It should be a party that they will remember for a long, long time. Fortunately, it is not difficult to give such a party.

Here are three great moving away party ideas:


Travel Themed Party

A travel themed party will be a great way to prepare your guests for their journey ahead and to remind yourself and other guests where they are going to. The theme could be based on the place they are going to (such as Italy themed), mode of travel they are taking (such as a cruise ship theme), or their new job (such as a corporate office theme). If they are going to a foreign country, you can give everyone a home-printed air ticket and boarding pass. The food and décor should be according to the theme. For example, if you are throwing an India themed party, then there should be Indian food and décor all around. If all goes well, it will be a party both you and your guests will fondly remember for many years.


Karaoke Party

Do your guests share your passion for singing? If they do, then give them a karaoke party they will not forget as long as they live. Hire Karaoke equipment from your local music store and set them up at least two days before the party. Hold one or two practice sessions to make sure that the equipment works without a hitch. Choose the songs from both you and your guests’ favorite list. Do not forget to include one or two farewell songs, such as ‘Old Lang Syne’. Start the karaoke as soon as the drinks are served and continue until the end of the party. Get everyone to sing at least one song and end the party with the farewell song.


Fancy Dress Party

Throwing a fancy dress party would a good idea for someone who likes to dress up. You can take the liberty to choose a costume for everyone or let each individual show up in the costume he or she likes. Make sure that the costumes are fun and eye-catching. It would also be a good idea to have a theme, such as the Wild West or 80’s Dance Party.


Need some ideas on decor? Here are few of our favorite DIY crafts!

  • Dipped cones with colored sprinkles make summer treats, like ice cream, that much sweeter.
  • Want to dress up your yard with fun colors? Pinwheels are a great solution.
  • Having a party? Use covered paper towel rolls filled with candy for fun, festive favors.
  • Flag Paper Chain: Great for 4th of July! Red, white and blue paper are the only supplies needed for this festive chain.



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