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Best New Gadgets for New Apartments

Best New Gadgets

If you have not started shopping for items for your new apartment yet, prepare to feel like a kid in a candy store. There are so many nifty gadgets on the market it will blow your mind. You may even have one of those self-pity moments realizing that someone is getting rich off their genius invention. Why didn’t you think of that? Below are a few of the top gadgets on the market that you will want to consider picking up when you’re moving into your new apartment.


Fruit Slicers, Pitters, and Spiral Creators

Crooked Brains has so many cool gadgets for fruits and vegetables listed that it is impossible to choose only one. The Cherry and Olive Pitter is super cool for those who hate spitting out the pits, while the Vegetable Twister turns raw zucchini, cucumbers, carrots, and other vegetables into pasta with minimal effort. The Finger Guard will keep you from slicing your fingers while finely chopping items, and the Onion Holder is one anyone who has ever tried to cut straight, even pieces of onion will appreciate.


Netatmo Weather Station

Refinery 29 lists this cool weather station as a top new gadget for 2013. It measures your surrounding environment, including humidity levels, CO2 emissions, and indoor air quality, which can be very beneficial for allergy and asthma sufferers.


WaterChef Premium Countertop Water Filtration System

This innovative water filtration system makes the list at Use of Technology. Water from your faucet has chlorine, benzene, and lead, but this system filters the water as it comes out of your tap. It is capable of filtering up to 1,000 gallons, so chances are good you will only need to change the cartridge once per year.


Lockitron WiFi Locker

Crazy Cool Gadgets loves this easy-to-use device and you will too. Rather than sitting at work and wondering all day if you remembered to lock the door, you can control the deadbolt from your iPhone. This is perfect for anyone regardless what type of neighborhood or apartment complex you live in.


The Ultimate Steamer

This is one of the top three new gadgets at Apartment Geeks. Rather than get several pots dirty to steam multiple items, the Ultimate Steamer allows you to steam four different foods at different settings while taking up minimal counter space.


Fridge Locker

Fridge Locker has been making gadget lists since 2011. If you have roommates, this is something you need. It can be frustrating when someone eats your food, especially those leftovers you were looking forward to all day. This gadget lets you lock your personal items up. If you live in a house with several people, everyone should have one.


3-in-1 Sweeper, Mop, and Vacuum

A list of gadgets is not complete without something from Sharper Image.  This 3-in-1 Sweeper, Mop, and Vacuum have not made an official gadget list yet, but it is something anyone will appreciate. As the name implies, it does all the dirty work to keep your floors clean. It even has side brushes to get next to walls and in tight spots. Touch sensitive bumpers protect baseboards and furniture too.



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