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How to Deal With an Annoying Neighbor

annoying neighbors

If you could fast-forward to a Jetsons’ society, then you could simply adjust the elevation of your home to escape your annoying neighbors. Unfortunately, this likely will never be an option in your lifetime. Moving may sound like a really good idea, but what if you literally just moved in. You could get on the phone with cheap moving companies and see if you can’t quickly get back to where you come from, but this is probably not a practical choice either. The best thing you can do is nip it in the bud promptly. The longer you deal with it, the more likely you are to snap. Not to mention, they may just assume you don’t mind their behavior.


Dog Barking

You very well might be the biggest dog lover in the world, but that does not mean that you want to listen to one bark all day long. Quite honestly, this is a concern that is often easily remedied. For example, if a dog barks out an open window all day while their owner is gone, they have separation anxiety. The owner may have no idea that this behavior is even taking place.

Calmly talking to them about it may be all you need to do. Solving separation anxiety is fairly easy. Hey, if you are home all day, maybe you can take their dog for a walk; then everybody wins.  Cheap moving companies run into barking dogs all of the time and the guys have a knack for tuning it out.


Children Without Boundaries

Dealing with parents who do not watch their kids can be a bit tricky. How you handle the parents will really come down to the situation. Are the kids riding their bikes through your flower gardens? Maybe they just are not sure of their boundaries.

Now, if they are constantly screaming outside or always leaving their toys all over the front lawn and sidewalk then you could talk to the parents nicely and tell them why it bothers you. Alternatively, you can take the easy way out be sending an anonymous letter stating that some residents in the neighborhood would appreciate seeing some changes made.


General Annoyances

If your neighbors have parties, play their music too loud, set off fireworks, rev the engine of their car or motorcycle, etc., then there are a few things you can do.  Perhaps find cheap moving companies to give them a subtle hint. First, understand that you are likely dealing with someone who just does not care how their actions affect others. It is one thing to have a birthday party and get a little loud, but it is another thing to constantly disturb those around you and just not care.

You could politely talk to them about it, but this could also provoke them to be even more annoying. You should write a letter; again, it can be anonymous. If others in the neighborhood have the same complaint, then have everyone write letters. If you have a homeowner’s association, contacting them for assistance or asking if they have any enforcement guidelines can be a big help.

You definitely want to document every occurrence. You might need evidence later that this is a constant problem. Don’t feel bad about calling the police, if nothing else has worked. If they continue to carry on, call the police every time. It will stop eventually.
Now, if you live in a subdivision where the houses are really close together, you might have to be a little more tolerant. Even a radio at a modest level or a few guests on the patio can seem louder than it would if there was space between your homes.

Before you start comparing cheap moving companies and planning your escape, you can try adding a few elements to your home that will act as sound barriers. Shrubs planted between the houses will help as well as water fountains will. Use solar fountains outside and buy a couple for inside. Cascading water has a way of blocking out sound without becoming a distraction itself. Plus, it is soothing and might be all you need to calm your frazzled nerves.



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