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The Best Neighborhoods in Lincoln, NE Based on Data

Best neighborhoods in lincoln

If you’re considering moving to Lincoln, NE but aren’t sure which neighborhood is best for you, it’s important to do some research before settling down. To help you in your journey, we’ve surveyed the city’s neighborhoods and have determined the 5 best neighborhoods in Lincoln, NE based on unemployment rate, median income, population density, home values, and crime.

Fortunately, most neighborhoods are fairly affordable, since the cost of living in Lincoln, Nebraska is only 92.3, compared to the national average of 100.

Here are the 5 best neighborhoods in Lincoln, NE based on data from HomeSnacks:

  1. Country Club

    With a population just over 5000 an a population density of 3,209, Country Club is known for its high employment rate, low crime rate, and proximity to amenities. The median income is $89,273 while the median home value is $179,212, making it a neighborhood in which buying a house is definitely doable.

  1. Family Acres

    Family Acres is one of the nicest neighborhoods in Lincoln, NE; it’s considered a higher-class neighborhood than Country Club and has a median home value of $246,733 and a median income is $100,882. If you can afford it, family Acres gives the feeling of a wider space; while there over 8000 residents, the population density is only 1,638. In terms of safety, Family Acres rates 9.5/10 and the neighborhood boasts an unemployment rate of only 1.9%.

  1. Colonial Hills

    Colonial Hills is a smaller neighborhood, with only 3500 residents and a population density of 1,725. In this neighborhood, the discrepancy between home value and median income is quite large; median home value is $151,925 and median income is $72,643. Still, buying a home is a realistic option, and if you choose Colonial Hills, you’ll enjoy a fairly safe environment, low unemployment rate, and affordable basics and amenities.

  1. 40th And A

    Median income in 40th And A is lower than other Lincoln, NE neighborhoods — on the other hand, the cost of buying a home is lower too. Median income is in 40th And A is $56,939 while median home value is $130,183. If you’re concerned that 40th And A might be considered lower class, bear in mind that the crime rate is low, the unemployment rate is a mere 1.5%, and it’s located near many amenities. In terms of population, 40th And A has more of a big-city feel, with nearly 4000 residents and a population density of 3,485.

  1. Porter Ridge

    One of the smaller neighborhoods in Lincoln, with a population of 1100 and a population density of 1,113, Porter Ridge boasts a relatively high median income of $85,455 and median home value of $212,600. It’s rated 9/10 in terms of safety, has an unemployment rate of 2.1%, and is considered affordable.

Be Informed

Whether you’re considering Lincoln, NE or somewhere else as your new home, it’s important to research a new city’s neighborhoods so you know which one is best for you. Otherwise, you can end up somewhere where you feel uncomfortable or can’t afford.

Of course, once you choose a neighborhood, it’s also important to choose a quality, affordable moving service and the best apps for moving to get you there. When it comes to moving, when you do your research, you’ll be able to feel good about the informed decisions you make.


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