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5 Interesting Facts About Lincoln, Nebraska

Facts About Lincoln

The folks of Lincoln, NE, are tired of being compared to their next-door neighbor Omaha. This city has a lot to offer and with such a friendly, small-town congeniality, Lincolnites will happily welcome you to town to start your new life. Ready? Here are some little facts about Lincoln you might not know that could make a big difference.

  1. This city really wants you to move there

    They really, really want to make moving to Lincoln, NE, a smooth and enjoyable process. The city’s Chamber of Commerce website has a page specifically dedicated to informing you about the community including schools, transportation, leisure, and things to do. They have a downloadable map to help you visualize the city, and in the sidebar, you can easily navigate to other pages about health, finance, and entertainment. With so much information right at your fingertips and the cost of living in Lincoln, NE, stuck at 1995 prices, moving here is a no-brainer right?

  1. Like sports? You’ve got a ton of instant friends

    In the fall you’ll notice that the attire of the city turns just as red as the leaves, and not a day will go by without hearing the call, “GO BIG RED!” You’re in Huskers hometown, as well as one of the top ten college towns in the country. That means there are sports games to attend, academic opportunities to pursue, and a bustling population of young adults. Are you a student yourself? There’s no shortage of student jobs and internships in this growing economy, too.

  1. Festivals, music, and movies – there’s plenty to do

    So there are sports… and then, there are the festivals. With gatherings and events happening year-round for every interest group, you can certainly find something to look forward to. Music lovers? Check out Jazz in June, or perhaps volunteer for the Meadowlark Music Festival in July. A short drive to neighboring Papillion and you can take in the Great Nebraska Beerfest in August, then hit the Coffee and Donut Festival in October. You’re well on your way to festival hopping through the year!

  1. TIME Magazine thinks it’s pretty great in Lincoln

    The facts about Lincoln, NE, are piling up in its favor: named number 58 out of the top 186 cities in America for Well Being, Lincolnites are happy and health folks based on physical, social, financial, and community factors. Sounds like a pretty good reason to choose your new city, don’t you think?

  1. Lincolnites are known for being a special kind of foodie

    The Runza got its start in Lincoln, so the locals are mighty proud of their pocket sandwiches with meat, cabbage, and some other stuff. Lazlo’s Brewery and Grill has some of the best steak and locally crafted beer in town, and Valentino’s Pizza is the spot to grab a slice. They also eat cinnamon rolls with their chili to “cut the spice”… or, maybe it’s just an acquired taste? You can decide.

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