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To Eat Out or to Uber Eats

eating with Uber Eats

How much time have you spent debating whether to eat out or order in? If you’re new to the city or neighborhood, probably a significant amount. If you’re merely stricken by indecision, good luck. Either way, we put a lot of thought into the debate around the pros and cons of eating with UberEats. Here are some criteria to consider in making your decision:

You want to be around people

Unless you plan to invite all of your friends to your living room, going out to a restaurant significantly increases the likelihood of social connection. Whether you want to actually meet new people or just be around them, find a cozy spot where you can sit and eat comfortably – for example, eating at the bar. If you are the gregarious type and want to get to know the area better, getting out of the house and choosing a nearby restaurant is a good bet.

You want to stay comfy and cozy

Yes, going to a restaurant means changing out of your pajamas, brushing your hair, and driving or walking through town to your destination. If that sounds like too much of a hassle or you’re feeling introverted, stay cozy at home with a movie or good book and let UberEats bring your meal to your door.

You want a meal quickly

This category might actually be a toss-up. It could seem like UberEats would be the faster approach but depending on where your restaurant choice is located and how busy the drivers are, it could actually take quite some time.

On the flip side, walking to a nearby restaurant could have food in front of you in 15-20 minutes, or you could end up waiting in line during prime times. Consider the fact that your UberEats driver is subject to the same traffic and travel delays as everyone else in calculating delivery time and make your decision wisely.

You want something very specific

UberEats doesn’t work with every restaurant – in fact, restaurants have to sign up to work with Uber. That means the banh mi you’ve been craving may or may not be available for delivery. The UberEats app does list all of the restaurants that are available to deliver to your location, so you can choose from among definite options. But remember: the full menu is likely not available for delivery, so don’t get too attached.

You want to stick to a budget

UberEats adds a relatively small fee onto the cost of your dish to cover the cost of delivery. That fee is now distance-dependent, so choosing a restaurant close to your home will save you a little cash. Many people report that they end up paying about the same for their dish at the end of the day whether they order it at the restaurant or delivery – once they add the tip.  

You want to try something new

There’s nothing like being hungry and scrolling through a list of restaurants on an app to help you try something new. A new dish, a new restaurant, it’s all at your fingertips.

On the other side of the coin, you get a sense for the food, the ambiance, and the full restaurant experience that first moment you walk in the door.

Food? Atmosphere? Specific dishes? Decide what is most important for you. Bon appetit!

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