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The 5 Biggest Companies in Columbus to Work for

Companies in Columbus

If you’re moving to Columbus, Ohio, in the near future, you’re probably wondering what the job market looks like. The economy is quite diverse, with a significant chunk of local employment coming from the U.S. government — that makes the city pretty stable in the face of economic rollercoasters. But if you’re not a governmental employee, here are the five best companies to work for in the city according to employee feedback.

1. Insight Enterprises

If you’re in the information technology field and are looking for a job in Columbus that will put you on the front lines of technological advancement, Insight Enterprises is a solid bet. With expertise in Agile Project Management software and technology, they provide business solutions for a wide range of companies. At 102 employees in Columbus, they aren’t a small company, but they also aren’t huge. Employees say that makes them feel like they can still maintain a work-life balance and feel appreciated in their jobs, all while being engaged in interesting work at a growing company.

2. CrossChx

Once again, employers in Columbus are on the front lines of technological development: CrossChx has developed a universal patient profile technology that they hope will help progress the current medical systems in the best ways possible. Their 72 employees’ primary skillset is also in the IT sector, streamlining care for over 20 million medical patients across the country. Employees say that the environment is challenging and highly collaborative, keeping them on their toes as they all work towards a mission they can really believe in.


DNV GL is headquartered in Houston, TX, but has 149 employees in Columbus. They specialize in serving the maritime, oil, gas, and energy industries to improve safety practices through technology, training, and risk methodology. Employees at DNV GL are certainly kept engaged with new and challenging scenarios and say they are encouraged to think outside the box to find solutions for their customers. The energy industry isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, so if you’re relocating to Columbus and looking for some job stability, take a look at DNV GL. Or have a look at this blog post for some more general tips on relocating for a job. 

4. GSW

The pharmaceutical industry is booming, which means there is a need for marketing and advertising the ever-changing products. Enter GSW, with 301 employees in the region and headquartered in Columbus. They work with a range of companies across the pharmaceutical spectrum, offering services from strategic planning to direct marking and interactive media development. Employees say they get to work with highly talented and motivated people every day — and that goes a long way towards job satisfaction.

5. HMB, Inc.

HMB, Inc. is a large employer in the technology development services and business consulting. With 189 employees at their headquarters in Columbus, they offer a stimulating work environment with ample opportunity to tackle new challenges with the support of a strong team. Employees also say they really value the positive work environment, so if you’re moving with hopes of finding a job in Columbus, set your sights on a work environment like that at HMB, Inc.

Moving for a new job to a new city? Let your new employer know about the corporate relocation services to help make your transition seamless. Still curious about what Columbus has to offer? Have a look at this blog post to find out why people are moving there in droves.

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