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Sorry, Can’t Move These Items

Can’t Move These Items

Some are under the impression that movers will move pretty much anything they can lift, push, or pull. This is absolutely not the case. Then, there are some who know that there are stipulations, but they don’t realize how extensive the list is of things they won’t deal with. You should also know that if you attempt to file a claim for damage or loss to any of your belongings, and it is found that items listed as “do not handle” were sneaked into being included, your claim may be denied. It is important that you become familiar with the list of items, and make other arrangements to move them. In some cases, you might need to recycle or trash appropriately.

Hazardous and Flammable Materials

Most people have no idea how many things they have that are considered hazardous. As a rule, this includes anything that should not be disposed of in your trash can, such as fire extinguishers, paint, and paint thinner, pesticides and insecticides, motor oil, charcoal, kerosene, matches, and bleach. You may be surprised to learn that cleaning supplies, aerosol cans, and nail polish remover are included in this category.


It should be a given that explosives are on this list. A few things that would be considered explosives include ammunition, primers, black powder, propellants, and fireworks.


Can’t Move These Items

If you are moving batteries, they have to be the gel-type that won’t spill. Any batteries with acid will not be handled by your movers. Other corrosives include nitric acid and muriatic acid.

Power Equipment

Okay, so there is a good chance that your movers will happily handle your power equipment, but you will need to either drain the fuel or run the item until it is out of fuel first. Lawnmowers, weed eaters, snowblowers, and motorcycles are a few examples.


Before you laugh, remember that this is a society that needs the word “HOT” on their coffee cup, or they will sue if they sustain a burn. You would think that everyone should know their movers will not handle pets, but you might be quite surprised. So, Fido cannot ride in the back of the moving truck and neither can your caged ferret, hamster, or parrot.


Any food that is perishable is on the list. Some assume this only includes food in their fridge and freezer but opened cereal, crackers, chips, etc., are considered perishable. Sealed canned goods are fine. As a rule, you should aim to do minimal grocery shopping the week before you move, so you don’t have much left on moving day. If you are moving nearby then you can pack a cooler and move it in your car.


This category does not only include guns. If you have a collection of knives, swords, or even medieval weapons, you will need to likely move them on your own. This is not a rule though; some movers will handle these types of collections, but they will need full disclosure and insurance.

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