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Pack and Organize Your Clothes with Ease

Pack and organize your clothes

Most people find that the process of moving to a new home can be stressful and calls for a lot of hard work especially when thinking about packing all their clothes. But, don’t fret! These tips will help you organize and pack your clothes and get you one step closer to your move. Just don’t forget to leave an outfit or two unpacked for your actual moving day


Only Take What you Need

Moving is a perfect opportunity to clean out your current wardrobe and get rid of items you don’t wear. The first thing you want to do when packing and organizing your clothing is to rid your wardrobe of any items you no longer wear or those few fashion trends you bought and are now out of style (yes, we are talking about those shoulder pads). Once you’ve decided on what stays and what goes, consider donating your unwanted clothes to a charity, a local homeless shelter or organization in need of gently used items. Now, when it’s time for the movers to come, you’ll have fewer boxes to move, which will save you some money.


Organize Your Clothing

Once you’ve pared down your wardrobe, it’s time to flex those organizational muscles on the clothes you are keeping. Organizing your clothing before you move them can save you time and frustration at your new place. You’ll know exactly where your favorite clothes are and how you organized them. Consider organizing them by one of the ways below:

  • Seasonal – A great way to organize your clothes is by season so that, once you’re at your new home, you can put away those clothes that you won’t be wearing for a number of months. For example: winter and summer.
  • Style – Organize your clothes by the style of the item. For example: sweaters, button-ups, pants, dresses, jackets, etc…
  • Function – Organize your clothing by why you wear it.For example: work clothes, weekend clothes, fitness clothes, etc..


Tips for Packing Your Folded Clothes

One of the best moving tips is to get creative when packing and use what would otherwise be empty space to your advantage. For example: utilize any spare suitcases and travel bags that could hold your clothing. Pack the items in your dresser drawers quickly by following some of the tips below.

  • The dresser drawer: Give each drawer a number. Open the drawer and place all those items into a box. When you get to your new location all you have to do is place the items back into the drawer they came from.
  • Roll the garments rather than folding to fit as many clothing items as possible into a box or spare suitcase. When it comes to filling up your bags with clothing, you may find that you can save space and avoid creasing by rolling garments, rather than folding.
  • Pack delicate clothing in fabric bags and leave heavier and more sturdy items for any boxes you have.


Tips for Packing Your Hanging Clothes

Packing the items you hang in your closet can seem tricky. You might think the easiest way is to take everything off the hanger, fold them neatly, pack the clothes into boxes and then when you move into your new place hang everything back up. That is an extremely labor intensive process but luckily there are several easier ways that aren’t nearly as hard.

  • Invest in a wardrobe box, which is a taller version of a standard box and contains a bar at the top for hanging clothes on. You can use these to safely transfer any items that you’d prefer not to fold, such as dresses and suits. you can learn more about wardrobe boxes and how much they hold in Unpakt’s handy Box Guide.
  • Purchase large sturdy trash bags then take one and cut a hole in the middle of the bottom. Select the hanging clothes you want to in that bag and pull the hooks of the hangers through the hole. Once you have the clothes inside the bag tie the bottom of the bag so nothing can slip out

There you have it, organizing and packing your clothes might seem overwhelming at first but with these helpful tips from Unpakt and some planning ahead, you will be able to pack your clothing with little to no headache.



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