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Creative, Fun Moving Hacks and Tips

Moving Hacks and Tips

Few people will say that moving was the most exciting experience of their life. Sure, getting settled into a new place or relocating to a fresh city is exciting. However, the work that it takes to get there is rarely considered a party. This does not mean that the process has to make you miserable though. Despite what you may think, moving can be stress-free and even enjoyable, if you know how to have a good time along the way.

Use Beer and Liquor Boxes

Do not even think about paying for boxes to pack. All you have to do is ask your local liquor store, bar, lounge, wine bar, or nightclub if you can have the boxes from their next shipment. Better yet, if you plan ahead early enough, you can drink a lot of beer over several weeks and then you will have boxes readily available for moving. Beer boxes are fantastic because they are strong and have handles. What more could you ask for? Liquor and wine boxes are great for vases, glasses, candles, etc., because they have dividers. Of course, you can remove the dividers too.

Get Creative with Saran Wrap

Saran Wrap does not get nearly the attention it deserves. When was the last time you allowed yourself to have a little fun with this stretchy plastic? Probably not since you were at camp and put a piece under all the toilet seats. If you did not do this, it is never too late to prank someone. Seriously though, Saran Wrap is a mover’s best friend. Take the caps off all your toiletries, add the wrap, and put the caps back on. Now you will not have to worry about any leaks.

Break Out the Rolling Suitcase

Your first instinct may be to put clothes in your rolling suitcase. However, clothes are super light and can go in pretty much anything. Use these suitcases for heavy items. Since they have wheels you can roll them right to your car or the moving truck. Your DVD or video game collection would be perfect for one of them.

Do Not Fold Your Laundry

Before you fold all those t-shirts, tanks, towels, etc., to pack, know that you can put them to good use. Anything without zippers or buttons can be used to wrap dishes, glasses, and breakable d├ęcor pieces. This eliminates the need for bubble wrap too. They are all going to the same place, so there is no point packing something that can be used. Balls of socks can even be used to fill gaps in boxes so electronics and breakables do not shake around.

Blackmail Friends

If you have any dirt over your friends you can use, now is the time to make it work for you. You need help and they need a secret kept. A little bribe can go a long way in recruiting people eager to help you move. If you do not have gossip-worthy dirt, or you are just too nice to resort to blackmail, the promise of beer and pizza will typically lure most in.

Do Not Forget Moving Fuel

This has absolutely nothing to do with gasoline and everything to do with fueling your body with food loaded with protein and essential vitamins and mineral. It is common for people to end up with a cold during this time because they are run down, sleep-deprived, and stressed, so their immune system just cannot fight viruses and bacteria. Now is the time to skip the chips, unless they are made from kale, of course! Spend a few hours making an array of healthy snacks for moving day and the following few days. This will give you one more thing to look forward to, and it will keep your energy level high. Homemade granola, trail mix, a vegetable platter, and kale, carrot, or sweet potato chips are a few ideas to get you started.

More Moving Hacks

Planning ahead for your move will reduce the risk of unpleasant surprises. Scheduling your movers far in advance, measuring furniture to make sure it fits through the doors, recruiting a babysitter for the kids, and finding a friendly place for your four-legged friend for a few hours are all little things that will add up to a more pleasant experience.

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