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Packing Supplies Checklist

Packing Supplies Checklist

One of the most frustrating things to encounter when packing is to really get into the process and realize you do not have everything you need. To make the most of your precious packing time, you should make sure you have all your packing supplies handy. This way, you will not be forced to stop what you are doing to get to the store. It is hard to get back into the swing of things once you have walked away for a bit.


Obviously, the most important thing you are going to need is boxes. Please do not head to the nearest moving company and waste your hard earned money on boxes either. This is one supply you should never have to pay for unless you have expensive gowns that demand a wardrobe box. There are many places where you can go to get free moving boxes. Your local liquor, office supply, and grocery stores are great places to start. Have a pharmacy on the corner like most people do? Ask when their shipment arrives. Chances are good that they will be more than happy to save you the boxes. This applies to restaurants, bars, and coffee shops, too.

Packing Materials Around the House

Although there are a few packing supplies you will need to buy, there are also plenty of things you likely have around the house that you can use.

  • Towels and Linens – Keep a few towels out that you need to get you through moving day. The rest can be used to wrap breakables instead of newspaper or bubble wrap.
  • Apparel – You may be surprised at how much you can pack with your t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters, socks, scarves, etc. Anything soft can be used to wrap breakables, just like your towels. Sweatshirts and sweaters are ideal for lining the bottom of boxes with breakables or electronics. They provide a nice layer of cushioning. Long socks, gloves, and rolled tank tops are perfect for filling empty space in a box to keep contents from jiggling around.
  • Bags – This is a broad category. Whatever type of bags you have around the house can be put to good use. Garbage bags can protect clothes left on hangers. You can also use these for pillows and blankets you are moving. Small ziplock bags will hold cables, cords, and hardware. They are also great to use for shampoo, soap, hair accessories, and other loose items. Gym bags, recyclable shopping bags, and backpacks are ideal for all your last minute odds and ends you are transporting in your car.

Moving Supplies to Buy

If you have used your available resources, you should only have to purchase a few moving supplies. Colored stickers will be at the top of your shopping list. These will allow you to easily label the boxes according to the rooms. You could always write the name of the room on the box, but stickers are faster. Plus, movers can tell at a glance which room the boxes they are carrying go in by looking at the stickers on the ones already there.

You will also need packing tape. It is important that boxes are closed tightly. Lastly, if you want a really organized move, consider using packing labels. In some cases, you can get them right online!

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