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How to Pack Your Home Office

Pack Your Home Office

It is quite common for folks to leave the home office as one of the last rooms in the house to pack. For some, this room is dreaded more than the garage. It is really not that difficult though. The key is to start early and do a box here and there, so it does not feel like such a monumental project, which it will if you are forced to get it done.

Go Through Everything

When was the last time you went through that pile of papers on your desk? Depending on how often you use your office and how many people are in your home, this room could be a dumping ground for everything that does not have a home. There could be everything from artwork prepared with love by the kids to boxes of coupons and collected recipes in there. You will probably find that a lot of stuff in this room needs to get thrown away.

Gather Important Documents

You will want all the important documents packed in your “carry on” bag, so they stay with you. Examples of important documents include birth certificates, passports, car titles, loan documents, insurance information, and school, medical, and vet documents. Not that you want to even think about your moving truck getting in an accident, but these are items you would be a little lost without if anything happened to them. Place them all in a large manila envelope or folder to keep with you.

Packing Tips

Anything that has an actual home outside of the office should be returned to where it goes. This will help keep things a little more organized. For example, that random container of acrylic paint can be placed with the arts and crafts supplies, and Fido’s stash of hidden toys can go wherever the rest of his pile is.

When you pack books, avoid using large boxes that could end up too heavy. Plastic milk crates and copy paper or liquor boxes are ideal. They are strong and just the right size. If you have items that could be damaged by the least bit of water, place a garbage bag inside the box, and put the items inside the bag. This way, if this is the one random box that gets dropped in a puddle or drenched during that brief torrential downpour, nothing inside will be ruined. Keep in mind that moving trucks can get extremely hot in the summer and freezing in the winter so ideally, old photos, disks, and other sensitive items will be moved in your vehicle.

Disassemble Electronics

Before you start unplugging cords and pulling out cables, grab a pack of colored stickers. You will use like-colored stickers to mark the port and cable, so you know exactly how everything gets hooked back up. This method can be used for your entertainment center, too. Make sure you remove the ink cartridge from your printer and copier.

Use a soft sweatshirt or sweater to create a cushion in the bottom of the box. Place the computer, printer, etc., inside along with the appropriate cables and cords either in a Ziploc bag or secured with twist ties. Stuff the box with tees, socks, towels, or other similar items to keep the contents from shaking around. Write “fragile” on the outside, but never write what is actually inside on the box.

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