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How Much Does it Cost to Move Locally in Cincinnati?

Move in Cincinnati

Ohio may not have a reputation for being a particularly thrilling Midwestern state, but Cincinnati bucks that trend — with intensely dedicated sports fans, a supreme pride in their chili recipe, and their yearly Oktoberfest Zinzinnati (reportedly home to the world’s largest Chicken Dance). But if you’re plan to move in Cincinnati, you probably already know and love Cinci’s quirky side — so we’re here to help you figure out the average cost of local movers so that you can, perhaps, get a little closer to Fountain Square?

Average Cost of Moving Within Cincinnati
Studio (231cf) $343.12
1 Bedroom, Small (390cf) $398.91
1 Bedroom, Large (524cf) $460.31
2 Bedroom (892cf) $776.21
3 Bedroom (1215cf) $1161.90
4 Bedroom (1815cf) $1802.04


1 Month Storage Rate
Studio (231cf) $157.35
1 Bedroom, Small (390cf) $239.84
1 Bedroom, Large (524cf) $356.59
2 Bedroom (892cf) $606.63
3 Bedroom (1215cf) $826.00
4 Bedroom (1815cf) $1,233.86

Cincinnati allows binding estimates

If you’re booking with local moving services in Cincinnati, movers can provide binding estimates. That saves you the headache of changing costs, added fees, or hourly rates once you’ve already secured your estimated cost to move locally.

No additional truck fees needed

As mentioned above, binding estimates eliminate the need for additional truck fees. That means once you pay ahead using a service like Unpakt, the only additional cost to consider will be the tip.

For more resources on moving within Cincinnati, visit our dedicated city page.


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