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How Much Does it Cost to Move Locally in Philadelphia?

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Philadelphia has so many diverse parts and neighborhoods — maybe you’ve been living in Center City and you’re looking for a more suburban feel. Perhaps you’ve finished University, and it’s time to find a home of your own a bit further away from campus. Or maybe you’re joining the ranks of Philly’s young startup culture and just got a nice raise. Whatever the reason for your move in Philadelphia, you need to know the average cost of local movers so you can budget appropriately.

Price by Home Size # Movers Average Hourly Rate Additional Truck Fee Approximate Duration Average Total Price
Studio (231cf) 2 movers + truck $82 $87 3 hours $333
1 Bedroom, Small (390cf) 2 movers + truck $82 $87 4 hours $415
1 Bedroom, Large (524cf) 3 movers + truck $103 $97 5 hours $612
2 Bedroom (892cf) 3 movers + truck $103 $97 6 hours $715
3 Bedroom (1215cf) 4 movers + truck $131 $131 7 hours $1042
4 Bedroom (1815cf) 4 movers + truck $131 $131 8 hours $1179

Keep in mind:

  • Moving under 30 miles in Philadelphia means movers are not allowed to give binding estimates but are instead required to charge an hourly rate. Keep this in mind as you consider the estimated cost to move locally, especially if you live somewhere with stairs or have a lot of stuff.
  • You may apply for a temporary “no parking” permit with the city to secure a spot in front of your new home. It costs $25.00 per 40 feet of space, per day. 40 feet of space is the equivalent of two parking spaces, and you must apply a minimum of 3 business days in advance. If your truck is larger than two parking spaces, you may have to arrange to shuttle your belongings to the truck using a smaller vehicle.

For more information about local moving services in Philadelphia, click here – and best of luck with your move!


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